Image © Quentin Ball

© Frankie McAllister

© Emma Mowat

© Emma Mowat

© Barry Cole

© Mal Wolfordo

Another enjoyable a productive evening of the Photo and Text group on 27 January 2020.

Frankie Mc Allister presented prints and texts for a book of her latest project ‘Double Way Mirror’ exploring barriers and obstacles. An inspirational personal project that resonates with many people’s experience of facing and challenging barriers. Beautiful black and white images and gentle but powerful text on translucent paper. The book is almost there.

Quentin Ball has completed his documentation of the Continental Devide (67 points in all) done over 12 years and several thousand miles of driving in the west of United States. The photographs are made on film camera. He showed us some sample pages. We had a lively feedback and questions on the format of the images, positioning of the text and the nature of the book.

Brendan Delaney has completed his book New York City in Passing doted with Hiku poems written by him while roaming the streets of New York. A product of hard labour-shot over six years, several visits, darkroom printed and scanned images. The final copy printed on high quality paper will be available through kickstarter

Emma Mowat shared her work about her late grandmother with portraits, objects and writing. Most of the objects are no longer in the possession of the family. We talked about further elements that can be brought into completing this personal project.

Emma also shared her work exploring inter faith relationships. The starting point of the work is personal but potentially can engage with multifaceted viewpoints and experiences of interfaith/inter racial relationships. We are looking conversing more as this work develops.

Barry Cole presented photographs with texts within their frame from his walk in Kings Cross. Witty comments of the process of taking photographs and the interaction of his process of taking photographs and what was presenting themselves in front of him. A humorous session.

Mal was hard at work reading for his project ‘Common Name’. The story of the project predates photography. He has made five photographs towards this project! He showed us the books that he has been reading over last 18 months and talked about the alternative process he will be using.

Next meetings: 24 February 30 March and 29 May 7-9 pm
Venue: The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT.

Sabes Sugunasabesan.