Crossing Lines February 2020 Meeting

© Anita Strasser

© Hamish Stewart

© Hamish Stewart

This was a small gathering but a very interesting one. Anita Strasser opened with an account of her Deptford is Changing project, begun as a doctoral study and developing into two years of intense work involving the people of Deptford, interviewing, photographing (and enabling them to photograph) and running workshops of various kinds to encourage expressions of view on the very sensitive matters of gentrification and other forces impinging on a deeply traditional society. It is evident that local government does not understand the damage done and some of Anita’s work has been in documenting and contributing to the very active protests which have taken place. Photography as record and social tactic. All is presented in a substantial book which she has published with some institutional funding enabling copies to be given to people who had taken part in the project.

Hamish Stewart followed with a project which has morphed a little over several years. London from the top of a bus sounds like a cliché but these photos proved it doesn’t have to be. The downward angle onto a scene seems to locate the photographer neither as a participant nor wholly distanced. There is still a degree of intimacy with events seen. We also considered alternative strategies of presentation: sequencing images as they appear on the route or mixing them according to other principles. Hamish had chosen the latter course, springing a few surprises as actual locations were revealed at the end of his presentation. Book?

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 4 March, room 255 Goldsmiths main building at 6.30.
Line-up mostly unknown as yet but will include Carol Kenna on making, involving local people, and recently repairing a substantial community art work – and photo-recording all.
Peter Luck

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