LIP Putney and Barnes February 2020 Meeting

© Bill Christie

© Matthew Taylor

Good to see everyone and an excellent turn out despite the weather.
I started the evening by sharing some amazing architectural photos from the latest awards – Art of Building Photographer of the Year 2019. 
We then moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘moody’ and from a wide variety of selections my stand outs would probably be Bill’s ‘man walking’ and Matt’s ‘Tube reflection’. I am glad to say that our policy change to 3 pictures only has worked well I think and it doesn’t seem to have dented people’s enthusiasm, so thanks for that.
 Our final item this month was from Paul, who showed us a selection of wonderful pictures he had taken at the recent ‘light show’ at Canary Wharf and we were all so impressed that we made a note to see about organising a group trip here next year – thanks Paul. If you would like to present something you have done recently or would are looking forward to in the coming months then please let me know – so far I have Juliette down for April.
 Courtesy of Juliette, our theme next month will be the letter ‘G’ – our meeting in March is on 17th, which according to my iPhone is St Patrick’s Day, so ‘G’ could be for Green maybe? Down to you. Thanks again to everyone and see you next month. Andrew Wilson

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