LIP Putney and Barnes – April 2020

© Ati Kisjanto

I hope everyone is well and that the rain hasn’t come as to much of a shock – high pressure back next week apparently, yippee!
Thank you to everyone who joined in last week on Zoom and again, my apologies for the odd slip-up as I got used to running things (there were 23 of us, so a really good turnout). Thank you also to those that have got in touch since to pass comment etc., which were all very complimentary. Also, a big Putney welcome to two new members Jan and Ati, you are most welcome. We were also joined by another Jan, LIP Groups coordinator, who was kindly dropping by to find out how we were and what more LIP might do for us.

I started proceedings in my usual manner, with a couple of things that I had found over the internet that had caught my eye. We then had a round robin to see how everyone was getting on and in the main, we were all coping as well as could be expected in the circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, our chosen theme for the evening was ‘Lockdown’ and a real mixed bag from everyone and if I had to pick a favourite I’d probably say Juliette’s evocative black and white playground. I also enjoyed Ati’s, which had a very good use of negative space (sorry, couldn’t resist). You may view the gallery here.

David mentioned that he’d been making extremely good use of many ‘free’ things on the internet. If you like someone’s work, stick their name into google  and see what comes up and a fair proportion is free .

We finished up with the consensus that our theme for our next meeting would be ‘escape’ and the date for that is Tuesday 19 May and if everyone is happy, stick with a 7pm start.
Again, thanks to everyone and see you all soon – cheers Andrew Wilson.

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