LIP Putney and Barnes May 2020 Meeting

© James Wilkinson

Lovely to see everyone last night and I hope you all experienced a slicker show last night than before (it will require a few extra things from you next time but nothing too exacting – thanks James K for your tips, be back to you on that). Josie sends her best wishes and thanks everyone for their kind thoughts; fingers crossed she pulls through.  
I started the meeting with a quick look at the internet, where I had found some fabulous material to share. 
We then moved onto the main event, our theme of ‘Escape’ and glad that with the new system we were able to engage in some voting and I attach our ‘winners’. You can view the gallery here. Stand outs and there were many – I loved Juliette’s creativity, Nick’s cello player (especially the back story), Ati’s upside down balcony, Nigel’s extraordinary balloons, and because I am personally very fond of them, James’s swans queuing to pop in to our local M&S.  
Thanks again everyone and our theme next time will be ‘Windows’ and I loved the way that our meeting was pivotal in our choosing this, as it just seemed to metamorphose out of a conversation we were having towards the end.
Have a good time in the sun and catch up soon – our meeting in June is set for 16 June and looking back, it’s funny to remember the extra things I needed to do at my home at this time of year, for instance, I shan’t be missing getting out on my roof to place old curtains across my windows to keep the light out (good times and let’s hope they return sooner rather than later and we can get back to the Coach & Horses). Cheers Andrew Wilson

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