Central London Group May Meeting

On-line Zoom meeting held 13 May 2020

This was our second successful LIPc meeting during the coronavirus lockdown, again held via Zoom – organised by Jan Cylwik and co-hosted by Heather Martin. There were a total of 18 participants (including Theresa live from Australia), 13 of whom presented images. The theme was “Fake” with alternative themes being Covid-19 and Own Projects.

Fake: Fake silk flowers and fake Japanese food caught Austin’s eye, while for Dorota it was real planting for a Milan tower block – so perfect it looked unreal. Jim’s fake hand held a real knife, dripping with fake blood and Frankie’s skilful use of double exposure created intriguing artificial landscapes.

Covid-19: Ingrid overlapped the themes with fake news headlines about coronavirus, using a variety of carefully selected fonts, superimposed on scenic black and white photos. Text and words were key to Heather’s coronavirus signs: some said “No Entry” and “Normality suspended” while others entreating us to “Stay well”. Likewise, Jan’s moody video loop invoked a groundhog day repetition inviting the question “when will this end?”. Steve’s VE day photographs showed socially distanced tea drinkers.

Own projects: In the telephone booth series by Chris, it is the small changes that you notice. Edey captured the sculptural qualities of a tree which had been brutally cut back but was starting to regrow. The structural quality of trees also feature in Nusse’s strong black and white images as well as in Theresa’s photos of a muddy Aussie mangrove swamp, combining shade with piercing sunshine. Also taken in Oz, Geoff’s use of intense RGB colours change our perceptions of familiar landscapes transforming rocks into buried Gormley statues.
Jim Paterson

Teresa Levitt

Jan Cylwik

Frankie McAllister

Austin Guest

Jim Paterson

Steve Jones

Edith Templeton

Ingrid Newton

The next Central London Group Zoom Meeting will take place on Wednesday 10th June at 18.45. The theme will be Dawn/Dusk or alternatively you may show your own Projects.

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