LIP Central Online Zoom June Meeting

Our third successful LIPc Zoom meeting during the coronavirus lockdown, again organised by Jan Cylwik and co-hosted by Heather Martin. There were a total of 25 participants, of whom 18 presented images. The chosen theme was “Dawn / Dusk”; alternative themes being Covid-19 and Own Projects.

Dawn / Dusk: despite being dedicated photographers, not many of us seemed to be able to wake up early enough to photograph the dawn. And when it came to dusk – technically the period after sunset – this was interpreted as any time after the shadows lengthen to moonrise! Responding to a primal connection, our well travelled contributors capture the magic of these times of day in Mpumalanga, Durban, Egypt, East Java, Norway, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia and Greenland [Rashida, Hady, Jim, Nusse, Jan, Robin, Geoff, Theresa & Frankie]. The light there is different but, in truth, are the colours really better than in Britain: St Albans, Torridon, Edinburgh, Dorset, Croydon and London parks [Austin, Jim, Alec, Frankie, Heather & Edey]? Eschewing the classic orange disc of the setting sun, most aimed to capture the layers of clouds & vapour trails or water, still or moving, illuminated by the sun’s rays – the successive layers of gold, pink and orange needing no Photoshop enhancement. Others captured the moment when the artificial town and city lights reveal private spaces and contrast with the soft blues of the sky, while Steve rose before dawn to capture the fish market at Billingsgate.

Covid 19 & Own Projects: Here Dorota captured the deserted parks during the early stages of lockdown while Nusse’s photographs of half demolished domestic buildings captured textures of anaglypta wallpaper. Heloise adds a different perspective on the coronavirus story by printing newspaper headlines directly onto leaves using the sun’s rays, while Ingrid continues to explore identity and her Latvian roots – her mother’s beautiful but grave eyes gazing through the bureaucracy.

Steve Jones

Mechthild Belton

Frankie McAllister

Alec Wyllie

Robin Barr

Austin Guest

Jan Cylwik

Edith Templeton

Jim Paterson

Ingrid Newton

The next Central London Group Zoom Meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th July at 18.45. The theme for the meeting is “Personal Projects” but you may instead show images from your response to Covid19.

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