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Image: Bergina Leka

Good to see everyone after the summer break and nice to see that summer is hanging on for a few more days.
After a look at some recent pictures off the internet, I raised the prospect of our annual exhibition.
In normal times, we would hold an exhibition in Putney Exchange in November; however, last year this wasn’t possible and although this year they are open again, we also have the prospect of an opportunity to join in with a Barnes Artists event at St Michaels in Barnes, on the weekend of 20/21 November.
 Given the time and needing to raise money for the Putney idea, I feel that this year we should try out in Barnes? We have  been allocated 5 panels, which could take up to 20 50x40cm pictures, 4 per panel (and at £50 a panel, that works out at £12.50 per photograph). Now if they choose to allocate us space across the exhibition rather than just our own corner, we can stick to this size but if we are together, we might need to think about mixing it up a bit (perhaps too much detail at this time). I have attached some pictures I took from their event in 2019 but all you really need to know is that it was a very successful event (they know what they are doing and the price will include all the publicity that they throw at the event).
 Anyway, please let me know if you would like to take part and I will allocate space on a first come first served basis.
 We then moved onto our main event, our theme for the month, which was Ancient & Modern. Perhaps not surprisingly, the pictures were dominated by architecture but there were some real stand outs – for me, Bergina’s beautifully atmospheric black and white and all three of Sue Moscow’s were excellent and thanks everyone for sharing.
Our meeting next month will be on Tuesday 19 October at the usual time and our chosen theme is courtesy of David and will be ‘Colourful Characters’.
I think that’s it and I look forward to catching you all up next month – best regards AW

© Sue Moscow