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We got on a roll in February’s meeting and planned the next few months activities which are…
Feb – Dan organising a nighttime City of London photography walk with some history thrown in for good measure. 
March meeting – theme of night photography so do bring along any photos on that theme. And we will share photos from the city walk in Feb . There may even be a quiz to interject. 
April meeting – Creating personal projects that re-ignite the creative spark – Ray to present/lead. And we will be sharing phots from the Trickster wheel of ruses challenge (see below)! Also in April an offer of a woodland visit
May – photobook sharing like with the Book of Veles – Kyun has one to share. Anyone else is welcome to offer!

Following Jonny’s presentation in January on Trickster he had revisited the book and pulled out 45 ruses of trickster – ideas, sentences describing how trickster acts in the stories. These were put into a wheel and everyone present got a random spin and has been given a ruse to take photos in response to. Some were pretty tricky! If you want to try it out, the wheel of ruses is here. (Contact Ealing LIP) Watch the wheel spin. But if you do, you must go with the first ruse that comes up!

Then as ever group members shared photos. Here’s a selection of the delights…

Inspired by the trickster theme Jonny Baker showed a few of thresholds and doorways

“Early Morning at St Paul’s” by Dan Dodman showing phots to the group for the first time. The view from the Golden Gallery of St Paul’s cathedral (85 metres high) to the Tate Modern on a crisp October morning.

A protestor dances on the roof of the fake wedding bus used to block the road. Extinction Rebellion protestors block off the southern end of London Bridge. London, UK. August 31, 2021. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Miner Ian Turner, at the end of his shift. Aberpergwm Mine is the only source of high-grade anthracite in Western Europe and the only remaining operational coal mine in the UK. Aberpergwm Mine, Glynneath, Neath, Wales, UK. July 30, 2021. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Ray Higginbottom shared some images that are part of a presentation around personal projects and ideas to get you motivated to pick your camera up and go out and shoot something different. These were from litter discarded in some Country lanes in Bucks. We will be revisiting this in the group.