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Just one presentation this time: an unexpected subject but a good one. Astrid Zweynert has been looking at doorbells and drawing inferences here gathered into a presentation entitled The Eyes and the Ears.

Over the last few years doorbells have changed. They now may incorporate a camera and so relay an image of the person ringing to those in the house or flat. This is a social change rather than simply a tech development, reflecting a decreased sense of ease, a greater importance given to security and privacy. Astrid’s photos made it clear that although there is a greater use of the camera doorbell in up-market areas their use is widespread – some very neat doorbells on very scruffy door jambs. Whatever the call for greater protection it seems that the ‘eyes upon the street’ once called for by Jane Jacobs have retreated from the community of the street itself and now lurk within.

The next meeting of Crossing Lines will be on Wednesday 2 November with a presentation by David Killeen on tourist sites – plus one other still to be finalised.

Cover image: Astrid Zweynert