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The October meeting of the G:LIP group.

A ZOOM meeting that should have taken place in September.   Two substantial presentations about the genesis of the idea of a project and its development – how working on a project throws up unforeseen problems and how their solutions influences and impacts on the original idea.

Shaun’s intention is to develop a project collaborating with gay couples with an age difference but there are a number of factors to take into account which he is currently exploring.    As this is likely to be a complex piece of work which will challenge his skills and experience, he is working on a preparatory project he is calling People and their Passions, which will act as a vehicle for learning.

Some of the issues he needs to clarify were the focus of the group discussion and included:

The relationship between the photographer and the subjects;

The posing of the subjects and the setting/background;

The format of the photographs and the final presentation.

He also wishes to include a statement written by eac

h subject and this too raises a number of issues about style, length and presentation.

Kathryn then took us through her newly developed interest in infra-red photography.   She showed a variety of images ranging from landscape to close up and we talked about the difference between i-r and conventional photography, colour and b/w, photoshopping images and triptychs.

We finished with a discussion about the future of the group and agreement that most meetings would be by ZOOM with the intention of holding an in-person meeting every three months or so.   We would also like to hold an exhibition early in the new year and members would explore the availability of suitable venues.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, 16th November.   ZOOM details later.