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Barry Cole writes about his work entitled Body Image.
I’ve been casually taking photographs of people silhouetted against the light for a number of years in a variety of settings. My interest is in the shapes the outline of the body makes – personal geometry – the patterns or randomness of the distribution of bodies in public – social geom

etry and the symbolic significance of place, apparel, possessions and posture. I like the anonymity, the removal of personal distinguishing features of these types of images, an aspect that can also be obtained by shooting through various screens. Most recently, while taking a dog for a walk, shooting up to a pathway across the crest of hill in the local park has produced

some interesting pictures.

Kathryn Alkins writes: I was focussing on more intimate landscapes rather than the grand vista and also taking landscape photos when the sun wasn’t shining to accentuate the autumn colours and textures of the water. I took these in Swaledale, Yorkshire Moors.

Carol Kenna writes: As a result of months of extreme weather – heat, rain. storms I became increasingly aware of the most fantastic cloud formations and light. This was an unusual venture for me as most of my photography concentrates on urban scenes and people.
A trip out to Pegwell Bay, an erstwhile Hovercraft port near Ramsgate, resulted in the sunset shots while the early morning clouds were seen above the end of my garden in Charlton.