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Nigel Attenborough Amusing Street Art

Juliette Wiles. Observational Street Art

Julian Newton Gig Pictures

Lovely to see some of you, especially as the weather wasn’t that encouraging to step outside your front door and my apologies for the late delivery of the minutes but it’s been a frantic week, events every night and during the day I was filling my boots with frosty images.

I showed some of my favourite pictures of 2022 and if anyone else would like to do this next time, please let me know?

Our theme this month was prompted by Rodney’s excellent presentation on his love of street photography and in particular, amusing moments and thank you to those people who couldn’t make it still sending me in something to show. My favourites were Juliette’s (I think many of us are going to go and find this location, up near Brompton Cemetery – well done for sharing this) and Nigel.

Our theme next month will be ‘Cold’, which sort of sums up our recent weather.

We then moved onto Julian’s presentation of his gig pictures. Thanks for doing this Julian and what a fabulous collection, you clearly enjoy doing this and it shows in the quality of your work and that many bands trust you. I have attached one of my stand outs from his show, one of many.

Next month, Fred has kindly said he will bring along some of his RPS work to show.

Good luck with your photography and I look forward to catching up next month – regards AW

Cover image © Andrew Wilson