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Featured Image © Sue Czapska

In this edition of our monthly meeting we were joined by 15 people.

First on the agenda was announcements and we discussed the forthcoming Invisible Thread and Grid exhibitions followed by the upcoming deadline for fLIP.

© Jim Paterson

This month’s popular theme was Texture and first up was Jim Paterson, showing a mixture of textured material: firstly showing texture in nature in the form of wood and vegetation. He then showed photos of constructed textures showing texture in brick with fabric in a window, elements on the South Bank, lastly he showed texture in art for example in the form of a Bacon painting.

© Sukhy Hullait

Sukhy showed pictures based around the artwork by Jodie Carey, in minimal black and white.

© Edith Templeton

Edey Templeton showed photos of sand in juxtapostion with water and rocks followed by beautiful detail photos of nature, rope and weathered coastal constructs.

© Austin Guest

Next Austin Guest started with a photograph of a striking close up of water droplets, followed by condensation on a window. He then showed pictures of frost and ice linking the water theme to pictures of a barge leading to photos with a land based theme including a photo of a sculpture by Tracy Emin, a metal cast of a child’s mitten.

© Janet Nabney

Janet Nabney showed photos of lovely items within her home which she had made such as hand made paper, knitting and a sculpture of two monkeys.

© Prodeepta Das

Next, Prodeepta Das began with showing textures in the form of humans young and old, moving on to the delicate architecture of a mosque, the wailing wall and ending with a temple in Bangladesh.

© Jan Cylwik

Jan Cylwik presented photos began with a historic architectural steps in Cyprus, followed by an evocative pillar and finishing with a cinematic photo of a plastic bag juxtaposed in a forest.

© Robin Barr

After the break, Robin Barr submitted photos showing strong details with emphasis on geometry and colour using different techniques such as ICM and double exposure.

© Sue Czapska

Sue Czapska presented pictures from nature including grasses, ferns and geological studies. Sue’s final photo had a biological feel invoking cellular matter.

© Astrid Zweynert

Next, Astrid Zweynert began with detail photos of lichen which depicted map-like shapes. Details of mud were followed by a detail photo of bread.

© Alec Wylie

Moving on, Alec Wylie presented pictures of clouds and water made using his cameraphone.

© Nusse Mechthild Belton

We then moved on to personal projects and Nusse Mechthild Belton showed a series of still lives showing fruit and vegetables with an emphasis on composition and punchy colours.

© Sally Lyall-Grant

Sally Lyall-Grant showed pictures of individuals and groups of people in Fez, Morocco to be paired with photos to be created from Edinburgh.

Another enjoyable evening seeing everyone’s work.