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Fred’s FRPS Presentation

© Nigel Attenborough

©Julian Newton

©James Kirkland.

© David Mooney

Good to see everyone and sorry we couldn’t quite match the pancakes from last time, but Fred tried his best.

First up, we discussed Rodney’s idea from the last meeting, which we sadly hadn’t had an opportunity to take any further but will do so before the next meeting. LIP also feel that we should consider their website, which we will compare to what Rodney is proposing. 

We then moved onto Fred’s submission for FRPS, which turned out to be fascinating, as he took us through the process from inception to final success – there’s not room to attach all 20 of his pictures but here is his winning panel. Thanks again Fred for entertaining us. 

Our theme this month was ‘contrast’ and again, some excellent submissions. Stand outs for me were Julian, David, James K and Nigel’s bird of prey.

Our theme for next time, as proposed by James W, will be ‘decay’ – meeting date 18 April. 

Inspired by Fred’s talk, I proposed that those that wished too, should put together a panel of 5 pictures, and submit them for discussion within the group for our June meeting. I will remind everyone about this next time. 

Finally – James W mentioned that the Centre for British Photography in Jermyn Street was free to enter and well worth a visit –

All the best AW

Cover Image: Andrew Wilson