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Featured Image © Jan Cylwik

The theme for this meeting was “Faith”, with the option to show Personal Projects.

© Nusse Mechthild Belton

Nusse started the evening with images of big and dramatic skies from London, Norway and Egypt, as part of an ongoing personal project.

© Jim Paterson

The theme of Faith started with a series of images from Jim Paterson, taken in India and related to the Hinduism – a wedding, a temple, shrines and pilgrimage, with the coconut representing fertility and the shaven head a rite of passage for both boys and girls.

© Prodeepta Das

By contrast, Prodeepta Das chose to represent many different faiths, from the Baul singers of Bangladesh and the mystic Sufi singers of Lahore to a woman in Enfield whose faith is in children and a performance poet whose work galvanises the creativity of otherwise destructive young people.

© Jan Cylwik

Jan Cylwik showed images taken at Lalibela in Ethiopia which practices timeless and deeply-rooted Orthodox Christianity, with two fine portraits of the priest, elegant and strong but modest with a sideways glance.

© Mark Friend

Mark Friend, new to the group, created a story around Westminster Cathedral and its visitors, seeking out the ‘decisive moment’.

© Janet Nabney

Janet Nabney returned to her approach of fragmenting religious buildings into a series of images, Hockney-style, which she interleaves and connects with drawn outlines, reflecting the layers of history.

© Austin Guest

Austin Guest presented a lovely set of images of All Saints Church in Tudeley, Kent where the great Russian-French artist Marc Chagall’s twelve stained glass windows include a memorial tribute to a young woman who lost her life in a sailing accident.

© Anna Lerner

Anna Lerner presented the spire of St Andrew’s church near where she lives almost as a prop, creating a tenuous connection but also a sense of place – something from the past looking back at us.

© Sally Lyall Grant

Sally Lyall Grant contrasted the graffiti-covered modern entrance to a Greek Church with the elegant adobe Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali, on a site dating back to the 13th century.

© Andy Schneider

Andy Schneider explored faith in capitalism and the ‘infallibility’ of the market, with an ironic ‘altar’ to its high priests: Murray Rothbard, Adam Smith and Milton Friedman.

© Sue Czapska

As an atheist, faith is not a concept  Sue Czapska relates to, so instead she pays homage to nature and to the growth and mortality of plants; in one of her images she manipulates and replicates the image of a single leaf to form an abstract triptych and altar piece.