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My natural indolence led to an absence of reports for the entire year, but GLIP had its (almost) regular monthly meetings with the usual diversity of photographic themes. We started with an attempt at a hybrid meeting – a few members together with others joining over a zoom link. Technical issues then led us to zoom only meetings. Topics included the river, London, a festival, French doors and windows, Intimate Landscapes, Gestalt photography, Greenwich Park.
Bang, GLIP Exhibition at Greenwich Library, November/December 2023.
Ten of us exhibited either two or three photographs on the theme of Greenwich and The River. A brief extract from a review of the exhibition made by one of our visitors, a retired art college lecturer:

The exhibition itself consists of 25 or so photographs hung along one wall, with a postcard-size miscellany “Parkscapes” and the animals therein, devoted to pictorial interpretation and inspired by Borges, the quirkily puzzling South American writer. An unusual and provocative submission by Kevin Wood.
The main theme is “Greenwich and the River Thames” and I found the standard of work to be of high quality and quite inspiring.

Photography is often dismissed as primarily personal with casual selfies or *cheesy* groups, but this is a selection of local sightings taken with meticulous care and craftsmanship with vibrant colour, thoughtful black and white, and apt composition – indeed a miniature art gallery.

Pictures at The Exhibition