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Tim Poole

James Kirkland

Julian Newton

Nigel Attenborough

Paul Hawkins

Rodney Turtle

Sue White

Good to see everyone last week and my apologies for taking a little longer over this email but lots on, on top of our own exhibition.

I started the meeting by showing a couple of links to award winning pictures

Underwater Photographer of the Year

We then briefly touched on our exhibition at The Putney Library, which went up over the weekend and a huge congratulations to everyone, as it looks great and I would encourage everyone to go and tell all your friends. I visited again today and replenished the brochures, took a couple of pictures, attached, and placed a comments book on the table. Anyone in the group who would like to come along (non-exhibitors that is) to our private view evening on 7 March, you would be very welcome but please let me know, as we need to know re catering etc.

We then moved onto our theme of the month, boundaries and some fabulous stuff on show, with perhaps James K’s astonishing picture being the one most talked up in the room. Other notable shots came from Julian, Nigel, Paul R (I for one can never resist a field of Rapeseed), Rodney, Sue W and Tim P, whose shot was also much discussed in the room. Well done everyone and I am looking forward to our next theme, which is ‘wood’.

All pictures can be viewed on our website –

where new shots can also be loaded, where the new gallery is now open but only 3 shots please (Paul P please note – less is sometimes more but I did the love The Octopus, which is well worth a look).

I briefly broached an idea for an outing in May to see the Peregrines at Ealing Hospital and more on this next month.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 19 March and until then enjoy your picture taking.

In my haste to get the minutes out, and in a packed meeting, I completely forgot to thank Jane for one of the highlights this month, her breathtaking presentation of some of her favourite Wildlife pictures.

My apologies again and for those that missed it, you missed a treat. I have attached just a few of the 20 pictures she shared with us but I think you’ll agree, there’s some wonderful stuff here. I can’t get passed Mr Gorilla as possibly my favourite but I also marvelled at Picture 1, I loved it before I spotted the Eagle, which really topped it off.

Three of her images (Including the Leaping Leopard) can be viewed at our exhibition in Putney, so what other excuse do you need to go along (the library is closed Tuesday’s mind).

All the best AW