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Crossing Lines’ March meeting featured two photographers: Sara Faridamin and (again) Peter Luck.

© Sara Faridamin

© Sara Faridamin

© Sara Faridamin

© Peter Luck

Sara showed work on trees in Vancouver, first a sequence of solitary ‘domesticated’ trees surviving amid the blocks of the city and then the forest of Stanley Park, an area within the city boundary but set apart by its peninsula location. The whole of the area had been such forest until the foundation and development of the city.

Many of the Stanley Park trees were marked to be felled, some had been, the reason given being the need to reduce the water demanded in a drying climate. Now we know that trees do communicate through roots and fungal networks, there is some concern at their disruption. The lack of such networks may cause the briefer lives of urban trees. Sara’s photos showed clearly the context and condition of both sets of trees.

Peter revived a set of photos taken mostly down-river for a group of Dockland history enthusiasts. Sites were industrial, on the edge of the Swanscombe marshes, riverside between Woolwich and Charlton, and, briefly, Surrey Quays. Apart from the last two all were in black & white. This caused some discussion with a feeling shared by some of us that particularly complex scenes benefited from the avoidance of confusing or clashing colour – colour without meaning.

The next meeting of Crossing Lines will be on Wednesday 3 April at 6.00pm. The programme will be confirmed nearer the day.