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© Tim Poole

© James Kirkland

© Helen Burn

Lovely to see so many of you on such an awful evening and it’s not much better today – when will it end!!!!

I started the meeting by again congratulating everyone for a great effort with our exhibition in Putney, which by all accounts, has been a great success. Special thanks (and wine) to Ann, Martin, Juliette and Ati. Take down is this Saturday and Ann kindly agreed to help me with mine. Well done again to our Wex Winners – Fred, Ati, Charles and Jane.

A big thank you to Wex and their manager, Guiseppe and all his staff, for not only providing prizes for our winners but also their offer of a FREE A3 print to all exhibitors. If you have not been to their shop yet, it’s a fantastic space, full of wonderful camera related gear and what better excuse do you need to drop by for your print to see it all for yourself.

I then went onto to talk about what we might possibly do next year, with Wandsworth being picked the borough of Culture. I think we should go all out for something themed around what Wandsworth means to us and there’s so much inspiration to feed off – from Nine Elms and the Power Station to the wide-open spaces of our parks and heaths. The bandstand on Clapham Common is in Wandsworth by the way and I’ve had lots of fun with that over the years. Anyway, much to ponder – whatever happens we should book up the library soon (Ann, could you please give me the options?) and hope that my new contact at the council can be persuaded to help us (turns out her brief covers culture, which is rather handy). More to come….

Everyone liked the sound of an evening out in Ealing in May – 6pm at Boston Manor Tube Tuesday 28th May was the chosen date – please let me know if you can make it and hopefully my presentation gave you a flavour of the kind of thing to expect and let’s pray for a nice evening. Reminders will go out next month and the trip is set for one week after our May meeting.

Talk next month – April 16th, with Alastair Hilton – please come along with £3 to cover his cost. Please check him out on the socials or via his website, as he’s a really good photographer and he’s not just about portraits, he’s also into street stuff too. Given the talk, we will have to extend the meeting to 9.30 if that’s OK with everyone.

I shared two links to photographs this month – Trees and Concrete awards. The wonderful concrete photos led me to put forward this as a theme for next month and I look forward to being stoned next month.

Finally, our theme for this month was ‘wood’ and I was pleased to see a vast array of wood themed images and not just trees. I have attached some that caught mine and the room’s attention. I especially liked James K’s creativity, Tim’s humour and the almost other worldly picture from Helen.

Thanks again and enjoy your photography – cheers Andrew Wilson

Cover image Bill Christie