Active Satellite Groups & Contact Details

Topic Groups

To better accommodate the interests of members, LIP encourages the formation of satellite groups based on specific photographic genres, approaches or areas of concern. To set up a topic-focused group, please contact our Chair or our satellite co-ordinator to discuss your ideas and find out how to start a new group. At present there is just one such group but we would welcome more.

Film and Darkroom Group

Our primary purpose is to create a forum for traditional analogue photography – to promote the use of film and darkroom printing and to discuss and share all the inherent skills and techniques that go with it! The group has varying levels of experience – from members who have been using darkrooms for literally decades, to those who are just starting out on the analogue journey and are keen to learn the skills of film and darkroom photography.

Contact: Ted Kinsey

Meeting: The meetings are from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. The meeting days vary month to month, but are either on a Monday or Wednesday, usually in the first week of the month. There is currently a charge of between £3 and £5 per meeting to cover the room hire.

Meeting place: The Octavia Room, St John’s Church, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines is a collaboration with Goldsmiths Centre for Urban and Community Research. We encourage contributions in the broad field of Urban Photography. We are interested in both methods and outcomes of working within the urban sphere; in theory as well as practice. We challenge current practice & current thought & how we represent our conclusions.
If your photographic interest lies within the urban realm (however defined or represented) you will be made very welcome.

Meeting: No meetings currently planned.
The Group is now closed but a successor is being planned. Do please read the posts from the Group – found under “Updates by Group”.’

Local Groups

Local groups are broadly generalist in outlook but vary in character and emphasis. LIP members may well attend several groups or cross London to attend the one that best suits them.

Central London

The Central Group has a wide range of members, and we welcome new ones at any time. Some are experienced photographers, others just starting out. What we have in common is using photography thoughtfully, imaginatively, and often experimentally, to reflect and communicate. The group is interested in what the photograph is about and why you made it; not so much in how. We run a successful annual exhibition.

Contact: Hugh Look

Meeting: Monthly on a Wednesday. Usually, but not always, the last Wednesday of the month. Please contact Hugh Look for the schedule

Meeting place: The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury WC1N 3AT
Bell will be labelled ‘LIP’ – Go to first floor.

Media available: Projector, books and prints

Crouch End

Meeting monthly, a small but active group discusses of projects and gives advice and critique of work. There is an annual exhibition and group members participate in other groups and shows. The present meeting place is temporary so please contact for further information.

Contact: Eva Turrell


We meet monthly. Our activities are designed to bring together photographers with different levels of interests and expertise who are interested in developing their personal approach to photography. At most meetings some of the group will bring work to show and get feedback. From time to time the group undertakes a challenge together and exhibits together on a regular basis.

EalingLIP website

Contact: Robin Segulem

Meeting: First Wednesday of month from 7:30pm

Meeting place: Upstairs at the Forester, 2 Leighton Road, Ealing W13 9EP

Media available: Monitor/prints

Forest Hill

LIP Forest Hill a new group meeting monthly.
Contact: Pupak Navabpour

Meeting: Second Monday of every month, 7.30 to 9pm.

Meeting place: V22, Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill. SE23 3HZ (use right hand side gate – group meets in the garden studio).

Media available: Prints or bring own laptop.


Bring pics. Talk about them. Expect & get responses. Meet nice people. Go home happy. We usually have four presenters for each meeting. This allows each photographer about thirty minutes to present & get constructive feedback.

The gallery frequently has a fresh photographic exhibition on display & this often acts as a focal point for additional discussion.

Contact: Barry Cole

Meeting: Third Wednesday of every month, 7pm to 9pm

Meeting place: The Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, London
SE10 8RS (On Royal Hill)


The Putney group was formed in 2010 and has around 25 active members. We are a friendly group and open to anyone with an interest in photography, whatever the standard.

Contact: Andrew Wilson

Meeting: 7.30pm on the third Tuesday of each month except August and December when we don’t hold a meeting

Meeting place: Dungarvan Avenue, West Putney, SW15 5QU

Maximum number for a meeting: 20

Media available: Projection used for display of images

Cost: None unless a speaker has been invited, when members will be advised in advance

Queens Park

We are a small group that attempts to explore new ways of looking at photography. It certainly helps to have a theme (of your own) to be shooting to rather than just random collections of pics. The group runs a website:

Contact: Simon Butcher

Meeting: First Tuesday of every month 8.30pm

Meeting place: West Hampstead Community Centre, Dornfell Street, NW6

Maximum number for a meeting: 16

Media available: Projection or prints

Cost: £2

Ruislip Metroland

Ruislip group represents photographers with a wide range of interests. Our primary objective is to provide a supportive environment for members to develop their skills. Usually our monthly meetings include a group mentoring element where we help members with their project work. Group discussions also embrace a wide range of topics from tradional print making through to book making.

Contact: Robert Davies via Membership Secretary

Meeting: Fourth Tuesday of each month. 7pm

Meeting place: In the Ruislip area
Maximum number for a meeting: 12

Media available: Projection, pc, prints

Cost: Voluntary donation to cover expenses


LIP Shoreditch is a relaxed and welcoming space in which to show and discuss any type of photography with a range of colleagues at all stages of their development. We encourage those showing work to ask questions of the group that will help them to improve and move forward. We often collaborate on projects in small groups and this can lead to a fruitful cross fertilization of ideas.

Contact: Roland Ramanan

Meeting: Normally the last Tuesday of the month, 6.30 for a 7pm start

Meeting place: Commercial Tavern, 142-144 Commercial Street, E1 6NU

Maximum number for a meeting: 20

Media available: Projector, laptop, screen, prints

Cost: The room is free but we will ask for a contribution towards food platters if we have to pre-order them.

West Wickham

Contact: Sam Tanner

Meeting: Approximately monthly – contact Sam for details

Meeting place: Braemar Gardens, West Wickham, BR4 0JN

Maximum number for a meeting: 6

Media available: Prints or bring own laptop