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Alternative Process Group

The alternative process group was launched in early 2020 as a practical forum for LIP members working with either film or digital source materials to share their knowledge and interest in alternative processes. The group currently consists of 13 members with a wide range of experience and interests including cyanotype, anthotype, salt, platinum printing and wet plate collodion – many of which do not require a darkroom or special equipment.. Unfortunately due to COVID, the group hasn’t yet been able to meet in person and has so far met over zoom to discuss specific processes. Anyone interested in alternative processes is very welcome to join us.

Contact: Jo Stapleton

Meetings: The group has a practical focus and for this reason when able to meet in person has chosen to meet 3 or 4 times a year, for a half day on a Saturday to enable a practical element of the meetings. This is also to enable LIP members not based in London to attend. When in person meetings become possible (by summer 2021 we hope), the group will meet in central London – venues arranged in response to the meeting content and process to be explored.

Media available: tbc

Cost: no charge via Zoom.
Group members will be asked to share the cost of face-to-face group meeting venue hire. We will primarily use community venues to keep all costs to a minimum.

Meeting schedule: Please refer to the LIP Calendar.