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Crossing Lines February 2020 Meeting

This was a small gathering but a very interesting one. Anita Strasser opened with an account of her Deptford is Changing project, begun as a doctoral study and developing into two years of intense work involving the people of Deptford, interviewing, photographing (and enabling them to photograph) and running workshops of various kinds to encourage […]

Crossing Lines December 2019 meeting

We began with an attempt at illustrating the progress towards the destruction of Robin Hood Gardens, a project which has intermittently absorbed Peter Luck since taking part in related Transition Group exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. Some discussion ensued on both the vexed question of changes in tenure (social rent vs market – from the […]

Crossing Lines November 2019 meeting

The group met in room 255 of the main building at Goldsmiths, which will be our home at least until next summer. Some familiar faces, some new. After a brief introduction to the group from Peter Luck and each member introducing themselves, the meeting got down to commenting on photos. Suzanne Sullivan told how she […]

Crossing Lines September 2019 meeting

This first meeting of the reconstituted group was devoted entirely to discussing the group’s past and future. Past, to give an idea to new members what the group is about. Future, to review possibilities for the group’s activities. Those present included Paul Halliday, founder and course leader of the Goldsmiths Photography and Urban Cultures MA, […]

Crossing Lines Group September Meeting

The main feature of the September CL meeting was a fine presentation by Chris Burke on some photos of public housing in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt (not to be confused with Boulogne – city port of Normandy!).  Boulogne-Billancourt is situated in a loop of the River Seine to the South West of the capital and is home […]