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LIP Ealing July 2020 Meeting

The theme was Making Strange. 17 of us zoomed in. We kicked off with a presentation from Arun on Making Strange exploring the art movements in and around the beginning of the 20th Century that it related to. I won’t attempt to describe it here but there will be a blog post at some point […]

Ealing Satellite Group January Meeting

At January’s meeting we may have had the most people showing photos ever – it felt that way anyway. We spent a while reflecting on what has been a fantastic year for the group with lots of exhibiting as a whole group, in small groups, in individual shows and in the wider LIP exhibition. And […]

Ealing Group November Meeting

At our November meeting we spent some time discussing our recent participation in the Borough of Ealing Art Trail (BEAT) – and the report by member Richard Baker-Donnelly who attended the BEAT after-discussion. Our consensus was that being part of the Art Trail had increased footfall to our exhibition considerably. Several visitors expressed interest in […]

Ealing LIP Group July Meeting

A lot of time was taken up this evening in discussing our exhibitions as we have a lot of organising to do! Our London’s Waterways (below) recently opened at Southall’s Dominion Centre,  and will continue to the end of July, with the possibility of an extension. The next one will be at St Mary’s Church in South Ealing, […]

Ealing Group Meeting June 2017

At our monthly Ealing LIP meeting on Wednesday 7th June, we were set an interesting photographic challenge when our chairman Jonny Baker brought a set of ‘Oblique Strategies’ cards. The cards (subtitled ‘Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas’) are in a deck of 7x9cm printed cards in a black box, created by Brian Eno and Peter […]