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Film and Darkroom Group January 2020 meeting

We were treated to an extensive viewing of work in progress by Tim Butcher at this meeting. His ongoing ‘precarious work’ project combines interviews and photographic portraits which are co-curated with their subjects and forms part of a university research project. Various spin-off discussions were begun, such as GDPR and ethics, as well as more […]

LIP Film and Darkroom Group July 2019 Meeting

LONDON INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHY FILM & DARKROOM GROUP 7th MEETING. 6.30 – 8.30pm 3 JULY 2019 New member Suzanne Sullivan started things off this month. Her preferred format is 6×6 on Delta 100 or Pan F and she achieves the fairly high contrast urban images she favours by photographing on bright sunny days. To my eye, […]

LIP Film and Darkroom Group June 2019 Meeting

6th meeting held 
6.30 – 8.30pm 3 June 2019

 This month we welcomed two new members to the group. Firstly, Tony Marlow, who introduced us to the concept of the United Postal Photographic Club, in which he is a regular participant. Tony favours the single print rather than series, and works mostly in landscapes. Spin […]

LIP Film and Darkroom Group May 2019 Meeting

This month’s meeting continued to surprise us all, with the sheer variety of formats, processes and subject matter that our members are drawn to. Ian Turnbull began by showing us a very unusual camera he’d kindly brought in – a Widelux F7, which uses a 26mm lens focussing through a horizontally moving vertical slit, to […]

LIP Film and Darkroom Group April 2019 meeting

For various reasons, this month’s meeting followed on just 10 days from the last one, which did give an unexpected lift to the feeling of continuity. Beverley Nelson began, with the interesting case of what happens when black & white and colour print films are both processed together in the same tank. The group was […]