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LIP Putney and Barnes June 2020 Meeting

Good to ‘see’ you all and again, my apologies for the odd glitch.  I started the meeting with a look at a video that Ann Rold had sent us (attached), which I found amazing and I for one shall be expecting this from my next cup of coffee, once we can actually get back into […]

LIP Putney and Barnes May 2020 Meeting

Lovely to see everyone last night and I hope you all experienced a slicker show last night than before (it will require a few extra things from you next time but nothing too exacting – thanks James K for your tips, be back to you on that). Josie sends her best wishes and thanks everyone […]

LIP Putney and Barnes – April 2020

I hope everyone is well and that the rain hasn’t come as to much of a shock – high pressure back next week apparently, yippee! Thank you to everyone who joined in last week on Zoom and again, my apologies for the odd slip-up as I got used to running things (there were 23 of […]

LIP Putney and Barnes – March 2020

Sadly no meeting this month but some of you kindly sent me their pictures on our theme of ‘G’ – some nice stuff on show, my stand outs would probably be Susan’s Green rabbit, Paul’s Ground Floor (nice one) and Nigel’s Green Socks. You can view the gallery here. Stay safe and I’ll be in […]

LIP Putney and Barnes February 2020 Meeting

Good to see everyone and an excellent turn out despite the weather. I started the evening by sharing some amazing architectural photos from the latest awards – Art of Building Photographer of the Year 2019.  We then moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘moody’ and from a wide variety of selections my […]