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LIP Putney and Barnes – March 2020

Sadly no meeting this month but some of you kindly sent me their pictures on our theme of ‘G’ – some nice stuff on show, my stand outs would probably be Susan’s Green rabbit, Paul’s Ground Floor (nice one) and Nigel’s Green Socks. You can view the gallery here. Stay safe and I’ll be in […]

LIP Putney and Barnes January 2020 Meeting

 It was good to see everyone and I was glad to hear everyone enjoyed themselves over the Christmas and New Year period.  Having welcomed in the New Year I started proceedings with a look at some photography from north of the border ‘some winter walks’– some great stuff here.   I then took the opportunity […]

Film and Darkroom Group October 2019 meeting

London Independent Photography Film and Darkroom Group 7 October 2019 Ted began the meeting this month with a demonstration of the Dark Arts. Of spotting prints, that is. We also welcomed new members Danilo and Zoe, whose first contact with the group was through the darkroom seminar at LIP’s annual exhibition this year, and Emma, […]

LIP Film and Darkroom Group July 2019 Meeting

LONDON INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHY FILM & DARKROOM GROUP 7th MEETING. 6.30 – 8.30pm 3 JULY 2019 New member Suzanne Sullivan started things off this month. Her preferred format is 6×6 on Delta 100 or Pan F and she achieves the fairly high contrast urban images she favours by photographing on bright sunny days. To my eye, […]

LIP Greenwich September 2018 Meeting

A very varied session opened with Tony Mallett’s b&w photos of Dungeness and Romney Marsh, mostly taken in winter and strongly evocative of the openness and strangeness of the area. His on-screen presentation was followed by viewing a set of immaculate prints. Kathryn Alkins brought some more studies of the north Wales mountains before launching […]