Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines is a collaboration with Goldsmiths Centre for Urban and Community Research. We encourage contributions in the broad field of Urban Photography. We are interested in both methods and outcomes of working within the urban sphere; in theory as well as practice. We challenge current practice & current thought & how we represent our conclusions.

If your photographic interest lies within the urban realm (however defined or represented) you will be made very welcome.

The group closed for a time following the retirement of its founder, John Levett, who has sent a parting message (see below for this and Allan Grainger’s appreciation)
The re-constituted group now meet on the first Wednesday monthly from 18.30 to 20.30 at Goldsmiths, University of London. Please contact Peter Luck at for confirmation of the room and how to find it. Questions will be answered too.

John Levett sent the following message: Crossing Lines as we have known it has come to an end. I have relinquished my Visiting Research Fellowship in CUCR & will no longer be a regular visitor to Goldsmiths; nor will I be taking part in any of the frequent CUCR initiatives.

I am eternally grateful for those PUC students & LIP members who suggested, proposed, collaborated, supported, argued-for & brought about the Crossing Lines phenomenon

I have thoroughly enjoyed my years at Goldsmiths & will forever be grateful to the staff & students of CUCR & PUC in particular for their support of the initiatives & fantasies that have been proposed by Crossing Lines members during my residence.


Best regards & farewells.


In response, the following was received from Allan Grainger: Hello John,

I wish you all the best for the future and I would like to say thanks for the time you gave up in order to run Crossing Lines. Although I only occasionally attended the sessions I found them helpful, especially with regards to questioning the plethora of theories on and around image making. Perhaps there will be a new person who will continue Crossing Lines; if they convene it in the way you did, without ego or personal agenda getting in the way, then it will no doubt be a success.

We disagreed on some issues during the sessions and I am grateful for those arguments and the subsequent resolutions that gave greater clarity. I thank you for speaking with a mind that is generous but never dogmatic – a rare thing these days.

Hope to see you further down the road.


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