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Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines began as a collaborative venture with Goldsmiths Centre for Urban and Community Research. The relation remains though under the duress of Covid-19 and consequent demands on teaching space the group can no longer meet at Goldsmiths. Until we can resume meeting at Goldsmiths we will be running Zoom meetings on the evening of the first Wednesday each month and re-activating the Crossing Lines Facebook page.

Our interests remain within the broad field of Urban Photography. We are interested in both methods and outcomes of working within the urban sphere – in theory and in practice. We question both and may challenge ourselves to find new ways to present our work, more appropriate to intentions and hoped-for outcomes.

The group closed for a time following the retirement of its founder John Levett and re-opened in September 2019. We have been quiet through the months of lock-down and now intend that the proposed Zoom meetings shall keep the group going.

In his last message to the group John Levett wrote, “I am eternally grateful for those PUC (Photography & Urban Cultures) students & LIP members who suggested, proposed, collaborated, supported, argued-for & brought about the Crossing Lines phenomenon”. That is still what we aim for.

For details of the next meetings and any other enquiries about the group
please email Peter Luck

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