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Film and Darkroom Group

Our primary purpose is to create a forum for traditional analogue photography –
to promote the use of film and darkroom printing and to discuss and share all the inherent skills and techniques that go with it! The group has varying levels of experience – from members who have been using darkrooms for literally decades, to those who are just starting out on the analogue journey and are keen to learn the skills of film and darkroom photography. To our knowledge, this group is unique – the only one in London, maybe even in the UK?

For more information contact: Ted Kinsey at

Meetings: The meetings are from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. Note change of meeting date and week. For foreseeable future meeting day and week will be 4th Wednesday in the month.

Meeting place: Royal Festival Hall, public area.

Update: – We now have nearly 30 LIP members registered to the group. From these 30, there is probably a core membership of 20 or so who regularly come or apologize for absence.

We have just set up our third session of in-darkroom tuition where we hire a darkroom for the day and more experienced members tutor beginners in the fine art of darkroom printing…. Our group photo project on the South Bank is progressing… Unwanted darkroom equipment has being given to the ‘starters’ by some ‘experienced’ members. We have also set up a Google Group online forum for our group members to connect with each other between our monthly meetings.

So far, so good! Ted Kinsey

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