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Books by or featuring LIP Members

European-Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook
featuring LIP Members

From the Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson
by Mick Williamson

Lockdown Decay
by Naomi James

A new life in Zambia: Early photographs by Sant Kumar Jain
Arun Misra

West End Girls and West End Boys

by Chris Moxey

Lost in America
by Chris Moxey

My Fathers Things by Wendy Aldiss
Living Lockdown by Sean McDonnell

Springtime in Suburbia
by Caroline Fraser

Ripples in Time
by Anne-Marie Glasheen

A Day By The Sea
by Dennis Toff

Finding Mirabai
by Virginia Khuri

The Architect & Sculptor RAs
by Dennis Toff

Cassiobury Park
by Duncan Unsworth

ALIE(n)ATION (English)
ALIÉ(n)ATION (French)
by Anne-Marie Glasheen

Made in Germany
by Christiane Zschommler

by Len Salem

Red Rum
by Jeremy Hoare

by Carole Rawlinson

Middlesex Memories
by Carole Rawlinson


by Anne-Marie Glasheen