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The Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson

Image: Mick Williamson


A major retrospective of the work of one of Britain’s greatest photographers, and our first hardback publication. Available to order from early August 2023.

“A man of neat stature with a kind, bearded face is watching the world quietly. He carries a large black bag, which may get heavier as he collects the interesting things that he finds – a small token, a piece of sea glass, a damaged coin, maybe a shiny silver button or discarded plastic toy. He reaches into his bag or perhaps his jacket pocket and extracts a small camera. The jacket pocket is marked through use with the ring of the lens. He fires the shutter with what seems like little attention to composition, maybe once or maybe a few times in close succession, then returns it. Mick Williamson is collecting moments. He has been observing and collecting like this for fifty years, since soon after the birth of his first son Joby in 1972. He has over 2 million images in his archive, known as the Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson, and his home is a living museum of discarded and retrieved objects.”