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Jo Stapleton Talk – In Person

    LIP NOVEMBER TALK Jo Stapleton: Wednesday 15 November 19:00 – Hornsey.

    Jo Stapleton Remembering Wastwater Chemigram
    Jo Stapleton If Dresses Could Fly Lith print

    19:00 Upstairs at The Great Northern Railway Tavern, 67 High Street, Hornsey. N8 7QB

    Jo a Hertfordshire (UK) based alternative process film and darkroom photographer. Her photographic practice focuses upon constructed realities using models, found objects and photo collage to construct and capture photographic moments or stories. Print making and alternative processes are integral components of her creative practice and image construction. Jo is a RPS 100 Photographic Heroines nominee and twice analogue photography grant recipient of the Richard and Siobhan Coward Photography Foundation. 

    Jo will be talking about her creative practice and sharing work from a number of projects including her ‘Foreign bodies’ series – a series of Lith print photograms of decorative glass objects, exposed with projected histology transparencies of cells and tissues from the human body exploring ideas around how the body absorbs, processes and assimilates foreign bodies, both as physical objects and symbols of domestic culture  

    ‘reanimate’ is a covid lockdown series of constructed images featuring items of clothing suspended with fishing wire, shot on film and animated with alternative processes.

    She will also be showing work from a new project, ‘remembering’ inspired by expressionism and film noir, revisiting and remembering emotional responses to spaces and places previously visited and shot on film and explored in the darkroom using Chemigrams.

    This is a free event but we ask you to please register:-