Events Programme 2015

Booking is essential for all workshops & talks. Please be advised of the booking conditions when registering.

Upcoming March 2015

Black and White Darkroom:
Film processing & printing

Learn to process b+w film, make contact sheets and print enlargements.

28 March, 2015

Upcoming April 2015

Salt Printing (Alternative Printing Processes Series) Workshop

Learn one of the very earliest methods of a making a photograph, step by step.

18 April, 2014

Upcoming July 2015

Simple Book Structures (Photobook Series 1) Workshop

Hands-on bookmaking from folded forms to three-hole stitched books and stab bindings.

11 July, 2015

Upcoming July 2015

Multi-section Stitched Books (Photobook Series 2) Workshop

Hands-on bookmaking, using folded sections and stitching with Coptic binding method.

25 July, 2015


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