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Crossing Lines October meeting

The October meet-up of The Crossing Lines Group at Goldsmiths was a strange affair. The evening began with a we-have-been-here-before failure to connect. Fortunately the failure was IT (and Levett’s failure to check it out earlier in the day) and the fortunate side of that was the foresight of Anita Strasser to carry her laptop with her.

Once the effing & blinding had wound down the evening began.

asAnita Strasser

Anita Strasser’s fresh project is located within the communities of the Austrian alps. Anita has form when it comes to long-term projects in very clearly-defined communities (check out her recent Deptford project). The new work surprised with its breadth and the closeness which Anita has established with the small communities of this multi-faceted region. The project is on-going; the quality of the print-work is timeless.



Claire Reddleman


Dr. Claire Reddleman & John Levett are collaborating on a project to be presented at this year’s Urban Photo Fest at Goldsmiths.


John Levett

The collaboration centres upon Kate Atkinson’s novel ‘Human Croquet’ and its ideas of historical layering & correlations of past & present & urban-rural boundaries & how the present contains the past & contains it’s own addition to a history. Trees feature heavily. Why is that? Claire’s work-to-date is vibrant & full of the potential for story telling. More follows at the UPF.

Peter Luck provided a coda on an ‘event’ in New Cross High Street viz. an exploding wartime bomb that narrowly missed his mother. We are all grateful for the miss. The short piece raised questions of collective & personal memory & how these are retained & layered within a transforming urban landscape & multi-memoried locality.


Peter Luck


Here are Peter’s own words:

On 25th November 1944 my mother left home in Nettleton Road, on the other side of the station, and set off for the Woolworth store. As she walked up the western slope towards the station a V2 rocket fell causing the collapse of Woolworth’s and killing over a hundred and sixty people within and close by. Had she left home two minutes earlier she might well have been one of them. As it was, I think she played a small part in the rescue operations, something she was unwilling to say much about. I was born in 1946.

In this locality a similar story could be told by quite a few people of my generation. It is both family history and communal history, something specific to an understanding of the place. The photo and others like it may help place the spoken memory – before the reminiscence retreats to the archivist’s files or becomes vulnerable to the dangers of mythology. Here. Now.

The next Crossing Lines meeting will be on 2nd. November at 6pm. The LIP Seminar at Goldsmiths will be on Tuesday 8th November at 3pm.

Central London Group September Meeting

Our September meeting had as its theme “Storytelling”, which could be interpreted as a series of photographs with an obvious narrative thread, various ways of editing to achieve a narrative or even a single image which tells a story. And the work that people showed did range from very literal interpretations of the theme: real stories set at a country fair (Sue) or a sheep fair (Jim) to meditations of what makes up a story. Chris and Heather showed self-published books that by their very page-turning nature become stories of particular places. Sally celebrated the regeneration of Liverpool. Edith composed an elegy for an ancestor who had been a great gardener. Lucy showed a single photograph of a woman praying on a riverbank in India, which was a story in itself. Antonia put together a short “autobiography” made up of the places where she had lived. Natalie transformed a personally important week in Scotland into a series of water ripples and reflections. Peter had a series of “scene of the crime” shots that set the scene before our imaginations make up a story. Brendan scanned slides he made in 1986 when a medical student in Tanzania. Simon had the most abstract interpretation of the theme: a short story of patterns of light and shadow and mysterious texture.

Edith Templeton

Jim Paterson

Simon Butcher

Peter Luck

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Haunted/Distopia/Destruction – as we head towards Winter an opportunity to examine the darker side of life! Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.
Advance notice for November: Night Photography

2016 Meeting Dates for your Diary
Wednesday 16th November
Wednesday 14th December

Barnes Group – September Report

The LIP satellite group in Barnes met up for September to share photos on the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. As ever, the standard of photography was very high and, with each meeting, it seems that the bar is being set ever higher.

Our favourites of the evening included these:

Canal Tunnel by Paul Rawkins, draws the viewer into the distance with the light at the end of the tunnel

Zoroaster’s Flame by Darius Nikbin, shows a gathering of people in reflection at a Zoroastrian fire temple

Twin Shards, a ‘trademark’ Alastair Wilson-Clarke image, showing the Shard and its reflection being seemingly overshadowed by other buildings

Ascension by Andrew Rapley, our overall favourite of the evening.

The group is meeting again on 25th October with the theme ‘Space and Time’. If you’re interested in joining us, please email Darius Nikbin on

Greenwich Satellite Group September meetup

There was something of a misalliance between laptop and flat screen but we can overcome these things. (Prints, cluster round the laptop.)

Before the devices fell out, John Levett spoke of his discussions with Claire Reddleman on the nature of streets. Is the complex of Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge a disaggregated street? Would thinking about the urban benefit from bringing the rural into it? And so to the soil and what lies beneath it, the traces of the past. This led to a small selection of forest photos Claire had taken in France.


Claire Reddleman

Barry Cole tabled a selection of paired prints, each presented in both colour and B&W, and invited us to comment on which worked better. This led to a rich discussion ranging from our social history being pictured largely in B&W, to thoughts on the overload of information sometimes given by colour, and on to image vs text or image+text.


Barry Cole

Teresa Levitt showed a small selection of phone-photos taken recently in the Louvre and on the Avenue de Wagram, revisiting her fascination with reflections and pointing out some technical problems endemic to some recent phones.


Teresa Levitt

Lastly, Anne-Marie Glasheen broke with her usual overtly artistic concerns and documented the lifting of a tube carriage into the grounds of the school next door to her house, where it now functions as a library. There was some discussion of the value of a very contained break with one’s usual practices. We also noted that many of Anne-Marie’s images would happily stand alone, apart from their documentary context. So which aspect of them is the more to be valued?


Anne-Marie Glasheen

Report by Peter Luck

Putney Satellite Group September Update

Our meeting was started by looking at a couple of features from the BBC pictures website, which is always a great source of inspiration, then discussed phone cameras.

We then moved onto our theme of the month, which was ‘Glass’ and how illuminating it turned out to be! Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm for the topic; as usual a great variety of exceptional work on show (see below) with standouts being Juliette’s pictures of Coventry Cathedral, followed closely by Carolyn’s street photography where she wins top marks for originality through combining two pictures on a similar theme – a brilliant concept and something we will definitely be returning to as a future theme.

This year’s group exhibition at The Exchange Putney is confirmed for 21/22/23 October. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to be included, as space is at a premium. There is no theme as such, so you are able to choose your own range of pictures to present. LIP membership is mandatory so please check that you are up to date.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 18th October – Contact me for further details
– Andrew

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