Satellite Group Updates

Greenwich LIP Group November meeting

Only three presentations this time but a decent-sized gathering found plenty to discuss.

Carol Kenna opened with a successful  evocation of


a village in the far south-west of Ireland using images and composed spoken text together. Images and text were also given separately and generally thought to stand up pretty well. Encouragement given to perhaps develop it into a small book.

Tony Othen followed with his response to a dictum of Cartier-Bresson’s: “Photography is a matter of visual geometry”, first finding how C-B had used shape and form to govern the (over-celebrated?) decisive moment while never slipping into pure abstraction. Tony’s own work (currently on view at the Greenwich Gallery) does often tend toward abstraction. Debate covered the relation between the geometric and the moment evident in the photographer’s timing in relation to changing light or the placing of passers-by, and the matter of context – how the more pure abstraction may deny context. Which is the more significant in any one instance?

We closed with two sets of 24 prints each by Sarah Hickson, one in colour and one B&W, both on postcard-sized tablets of art paper. These images were taken during a week-long artistic ‘gathering’ in rural France, not as a commission or an attempt to document but as a personal, considered response to mood, people, landscape, interior space. The two sets of prints were not of the same images so no direct comparison could be made but there was a strong general preference for the B&W set, particularly for a group of portraits. It seems that colour may often dilute the impact of photos.

Peter Luck

Shoreditch Group November Update

Roland Ramanan
Roland Ramanan photo

The Shoreditch group are a relaxed and friendly lot who are open to finding out about all kinds of photographic fun and frolics so please come along to show work or just discuss and listen. We have a new meeting space in the Water Poet pub which has a high definition TV screen, great for viewing work in sharp definition.

The next meeting is 21st November. There is no meeting planned for December then we will probably continue with the 3rd Monday of every month in January but get in touch to check.

Some of our number have been burning the midnight oil and beyond in the all-night tube to gather photos for an exhibition as part of Photomonth, exhibiting at the Morgan Arms in Bow. We had a preview of this work at our last meeting.

We also looked at some of the images submitted by the group that are currently being shown in the Dalston Street Show at venues all over the Dalston area through 14 November.

Crossing Lines Group November meeting

At the Crossing Lines November meeting Tamara Stoll gave her first presentation to the group. Tamara is based in Leipzig and London and presented work-in-progress from her current project in Ridley Road Market.

Ridley Road

Tamara writes: Ridley Road is a street and a market. The temporary structures and unofficial architecture of market stalls and shops convey the market’s transient nature and it’s many identities. Unlike the areas around, Ridley Road still upholds degrees of autonomy in public space. Generations of trader families as well as people from around the globe have shaped the street’s history and identity.

It was an excellent presentation and illustrated all the necessary aspects and sensibilities of one photographing and embedding oneself within a working environment


There was to be a discussion of a short video about Robin Hood Gardens in which residents who lived on the Estate in the ‘early years’ shared memories from the seventies. It was first shown during Open House London 2016 and the personal histories in the video were to provide a different view than the current general take on the Smithson’s iconic, modernist block which is due for demolition. Unfortunately, the audio-visual stuff took a disliking to the content and refused to do its stuff. Another evening?

The momentum was taken up a few gears by Allan Grainger. Allan writes:  I have an idea for a project ‘Tattooing the City’. The project idea came about from a series of observations while walking around Brighton; I noticed that street ‘murals’ were beginning to appear on the façade of domestic properties. I also noticed that these ‘murals’ tended to be in the less affluent parts of the city.

I decided to find out what the position of the Brighton and Hove council is with regards to street art. In an effort to eradicate the proliferation of tagging in the city the council suggests a commission for a  large-scale mural to cover up where tagging exists. I then sought the  views are of street artist  Aroe MSK. Next, the views of local residents

I am now in the process of trying to find a suitable method in order to discover the views of the people living in those properties where street art is either on the façade of their building or directly opposite their home.

A rigorous discussion accompanied Allan’s presentation.

John Levett

Central London Group October Meeting

As the days were shortening, the theme for our October meeting looked at the darker side of life with the theme Haunted/Dystopia/Destruction. It was a very well-attended meeting. As usual, a few LIP members came for the first time, and it is always interesting to see new faces and their work. It is perhaps not surprising that this theme triggered more black-and-white images than usual. The photographs were very atmospheric, but subject matter ranged from what looks unnervingly like a ghost in one of Simon’s 1300+ “bench” photographs to the quiet eeriness of Anna’s single images of places where she has lived.
There is no space here to list everybody’s work here, so this is a selection. First-time attendee Barbara had turned a colour photograph of a ruin in a wood into a beautiful but spooky black and white negative. Marsha showed a few haunting shots of the wreck of a hospital war ship at Fraser Island. Edith had been haunting cemeteries in London, focussing on the textures of stone, text and ivy. Krystina had selected work from her archive: a disused steel factory that is now a UNESCO heritage site. The ghostliness of blurred human figures can be a cliché but Antonia’s was a great image. Peter showed a series of stills from Alphaville, which looked even more dystopian without the narrative of the film. Brendan showed a series of fashion shots in a very cold urban environment, and a few of the portraits that he makes at an annual Gothic festival.

Krystina Stimakovits

Edith Templeton

Walkway by Steve Jones

Simon Butcher

Anna Lerner

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 16th November 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Night Photography – the nights are drawing in so take the opportunity to go out with your camera and show us your world after dark! Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.
Advance notice for December: Single Image

2016 Meeting Dates for your Diary
Wednesday 14th December

Putney Group October Update

Since we all last met we’ve had what most consider to be our best exhibition yet, with over 30 sales, so well done everyone and we are looking forward to the next one.

Besides talk of our upcoming exhibition and any last minute details, we welcomed two new members to our group, Sarah and Simone – you are both very welcome and I hope you enjoyed the experience.

Our theme this month tied in with fLIP magazine’s latest theme, On The Street and the variety of pictures on show will hopefully rival anything that LIP can come up with – thank you to everyone that brought something along, it was a great effort with many stand-out shots, see below.

Our meeting this month will be on Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm and the theme is Fire and Water. Please let me know if you can come along – cheers AW

bill christie
Bill Christie

juliette wiles
Juliette Wiles

alan fraser
Alan Fraser

Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson

carolyn hytner
Carolyn Hytner

james kirkland
James Kirkland

john kelly
John Kelly

julian newton
Julian Newton

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor

putney david

putney tim

stefan lubomirski
Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux