Satellite Group Updates

Greenwich LIP Group June meeting

Angela Ford brought photos from a Sikh festival, part religious, part devoted to martial arts. Unless you are yourself a Sikh it is unlikely that you will have heard of the small Punjabi town where it is held. Nevertheless, between three and four hundred thousand people attend including many from the Sikh diaspora returning to their families. There had been many conversations over the day and this showed in the sense of engagement in the portraits, the factor which distinguished this work from a touristic fascination with the ‘exotic’. It was felt that there was strong ground for taking these photos to British Sikh communities.

Kathryn Alkins spoke about the creation of her exhibition of Deptford photos, currently on the walls around us in the Greenwich Gallery. We had seen the photos projected several months ago. Now, with the assistance of Barry Cole, Kathryn had produced vibrant prints and further research into the history of the locality had enabled informative captioning. The question of change arose in discussion: how does one’s impression of the place change with the seasons and weather (all these were in strong winter sunshine), how does one show the advance of redevelopment – over what period of time?

Angelika Berndt showed black and white images taken on her most recent trip to China where she had tried to show how the new China being built at great pace has yet to supplant the ‘Old China’ in which most people live. But she was mostly interested in mining her audience for views and contacts relevant to a possible future project trying to find and photograph London-based practitioners of traditional craft skills. The old surviving in the new, maybe. This occasioned some lively debate on just what is ‘traditional’ in a society long characterised by change and adaptation; and what do we mean by ‘artisan’. We didn’t quite get to how to photograph it.

Gareth Davies showed 360 degree panoramic photos taken in parks in the London Borough of Brent as part of the RPS Breathing London project which set out to photograph all public open spaces in London.

The 360 degree ‘take’ frequently produced a summary image of the park and its context. Here too change was evident both in the neglect of some recent parks funded by developers (and then left) and in the retention of certain past elements such as the footings and part walls of the demolished Dollis Hill House. Could this be exhibited in Brent?


John Levett closed the meeting with a strong suggestion that LIP should address the conflicts now occurring in London.

Report by Peter Luck

Central London Group May Meeting

May’s theme of Mirror produced a fine and varied selection of responses. There were reflections galore in a multitude of different surfaces – the blurred and distorted shapes of passers-by reflected in chrome, multiple reflections on the gleaming body and wing mirror of a vintage car, a staged set up involving a mirror and coloured gels resulting in a complex series of abstract shapes, dancers practicing in front of a wall of mirrors, enlarged monumental figures from coins echoing each others’ postures, and a mirroring of the old and the new – vintage postcards collaged with contemporary photographs taken at the same seaside location. As you might expect from the title Mirror, there were a number of self portraits including a very clever one both as shadow and reflection, the photographer as a youth reflected in a convex mirror, another with the photographer caught framed in the manner of a Rembrandt self portrait, and a very amusing pastiche of Philip Larkin’s self portrait in the mirror with his Rolleiflex! Here is a selection of some of the work shown….

Geoff Titley

Jim Paterson

Steve Jones

Sue Czapska

Krystina Stimakovits

Edith Templeton

Ingrid Newton

Anna Lerner

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 28th June at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Coast – perfect weather for a trip to the seaside this week! Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.
Advance notice for July: Own Projects

Crossing Lines Group

Three presentations this month.

Rosanna Goodchild started the evening session with new work. The work profiled her neighbour who had experienced an eviction. Homelessness & the experiences & consequences of insecure accommodation have been documented by Rosanna for a number of years now. John Levett raised a question of ethics & continued with examining how certain themes in our photography might represent the creation of a ‘comfort zone’. Rosanna responded by pointing out that this was an area of documentary photography which she had been pursuing for years & represented a valid practice in both documenting & broadcasting the matter of vulnerability for those who are without permanent accommodation and live an insecure daily life.

Carol Kenna brought along some thoughts & documentary work on the Berlin Wall & the tourist industry. There was much here that can be continued in discussion. When one puts the former DDR regime alongside the current environment of Berlin & its approaches to its tourist industry there are questions regarding how ethical it is to exploit the awful existence of living within a repressive regime. Questions too about trying to rebirth previous German empires & their built representation.

Carol Kenna

Maria Oldland brought to a conclusion her extensive survey of the public memorials and visual clues of Hungary during its steadfast rise of nationalism. This has been a two-session presentation & represents a monumental (no pun intended) photographic creation. The matter of European regimes’ representation of itself was made apparent in Maria’s documentation of the holocaust memorial & of the contending parties response in the public realm. The clashes continue & so too does the confusion about the social & political history of all eastern European history & its monumental representation.

Maria Oldland


Report by John Levett

Ealing Group Meeting June 2017

At our monthly Ealing LIP meeting on Wednesday 7th June, we were set an interesting photographic challenge when our chairman Jonny Baker brought a set of ‘Oblique Strategies’ cards.

The cards (subtitled ‘Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas’) are in a deck of 7x9cm printed cards in a black box, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Each card offers a challenging constraint intended to help artists break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

Each of us drawing a single card from the shuffled pack, a method intended for when a dilemma occurs in a working situation. In this case the card is trusted even if its appropriateness is quite unclear…

My card said “Which elements can be grouped”

Everyone will reveal the photographic outcomes in August.

If any other LIP member would like to take part, leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a card and we’ll draw one randomly and send you a photo of it and you can then bring along your response to our August meeting.

Here’s group member Mel taking note of her strategy at the meeting!

There’s a website that produces an oblique strategy randomly if you want to have a go yourself – but the idea is not to keep trying for a card you like but to work with what is given.

Barnes Group May 2017

The Barnes satellite group met on Tuesday 30th May with the theme of ‘Skylines’. Following a successful inaugural exhibition in March, the members met with renewed enthusiasm and vigour, and the quality of photographs on display reflected this. Amongst our favourite photographs from the evening were:

St Paul’s Cathedral by Paul Rawkins

Myanmar Sunset by Andrew Rapley

Coronet Peak by Martin Conway

Red Clouds at Sunset by Alastair Wilson-Clarke

and Hammersmith Bridge by Darius Nikbin

Each photo seemed to exemplify an ethic the group has developed over the past year of taking photos that capture a great moment in time, as Roland Barthes said in Camera Lucida, “What the photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once.”

The group next meets on Tuesday 27th June with the theme ‘The Sheer Beauty of Nature’.