Satellite Group Updates

LIP Central Group June Meeting

Our meeting theme last month The Bigger Picture gave plenty of scope for interpretation. Working on a larger scale and manipulating digital composites are just two of the ways in which the bigger picture can be achieved. Photography is also often associated with moving in close with the camera so it was interesting to see the results of stepping back to include more in the picture. Amongst the work on show was a selection of panoramas of wide open spaces ranging from the sublime to the everyday, a mesmerising and mysterious image taken on a large format camera with polaroid film, a larger than life portrait dwarfing its life-size subject, and a heart-rending composite of images of war-torn Syria giving a bigger picture than any single image could do.

Ingrid Newton

Simon Butcher

Rashida Mangera cLIP
Rashida Mangera

Edith Templeton

Ray Rapkerg

Bombed Building by Jan Cylwik

Jim Paterson

Danilo Leonardi

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th July 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme will be Music/Rhythm (interpret as you wish – either literally or metaphorically eg. a series of photographs which demonstrate a certain rhythm).
Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print form.
Advance notice for August: Current Projects/Books

Barnes Satellite Group June Update

Andrew Rapley

LIP’s newest satellite group, based in Barnes, convened on Tuesday 28th June to share photos on the theme of ‘People’. We found that photography can be a process of making new discoveries and our favourite photo of the evening, taken by Andrew Rapley and titled ‘Reincarnation’, reflects this. This photo depicts a young Buddhist man in Bhutan, who is believed to be a reincarnation of a holy prince and has, as a result, been taken away from his family by religious authorities. The evening was a splendid success and the group is convening again on Tuesday 26th July for a technical session. If you are interested in joining, please contact Darius Nikbin on

Crossing Lines Group Summer break

A brief note for information only that there will be no further Crossing Lines Group meetings until Wednesday September 7th.

John Levett [Convenor]

Greenwich LIP Group Summer Break

A brief note for information only that there will be no further Greenwich LIP Group meetings until Wednesday September 21st.

John Levett [Convenor]

Greenwich LIP Group June meeting

A varied, strong session. We began with Anthony Mallett showing B & W prints of images taken in and around Canary Wharf over the last ten years: broad scenes, detail, some with an element picked out in colour. People appeared rarely and were then treated in monumental manner, their shapes not dissimilar to the architecture. Discussion included the question of whether we can see in B & W. I think yes, but we were divided.

Anthony Mallet

Anthony Mallet

Allan Grainger followed, introducing the thoughts behind a new project ‘Selling the City’ with three central themes: the way art is co-opted by capital to sell a place, the use of space after it has been developed and how spectacle is used to continually manipulate a place for capital. Just three constructed images from around the O2 served to spark discussion of how to give as near objective as possible a handle on the place and these issues. This included some thought on how the image format contributes to this, seeing constructed images with an aspect ratio of approximately 1:3.3

Allan has provided the following crucial info re the aspect ratio:

The issue is with the specific reference to the 1:3 aspect ratio. The picture that is shown on the LIP website has a different aspect ratio than 1:3 and although I talked about the way this 1:3 aspect ratio affects the reading of the image – creating a claustrophobic feeling by compressing the picture format and consequently establishing a counterbalance to the picture’s panoramic perspective that attempts to set-up an uneasiness in the viewer – the point about aspect ratio or format is that it is part of the language of photography that helps to inform the content.

I think the picture I submitted works best on the webpage. I was just a little concerned that there might have been some confusion as this is clearly does not have an aspect ratio that is 1:3.


Allan Grainger

Sarah Hickson showed photos taken while with the Calais Sessions, a band of musicians working in the Calais migrant camp, finding musicians among the migrants, playing with them and recording on site. Her photos covered the camp site conditions (which we have seen from other photographers) as well as the musicians playing both outdoors and in the studio, showing an aspect which we have not seen elsewhere. Conditions for photography were difficult but the images were compelling. Further Calais sessions are planned and a related project among refugees here, too.

Stefan Lubomirski is along-standing member of the Greenwich Group and we have had the privilege of viewing the changing trajectories of his photographic practice. Stefan is a professional photographer but he has never been one to settle upon a signature style and stick to it until death. He is also not one to cold-shoulder a challenge. The night-club was a challenge. The fun comes over too.


Report by Peter Luck. Additional material by John Levett