Satellite Group Updates

Central London Group January Meeting

We kicked off the new year with a review of the old, in time-honoured fashion. It was good to see the variety of work that people had made over the year – some of it part of long-standing projects, some new work and some simply photographs taken on the hoof, for the sheer pleasure of photographing – and none the worse for that. We also shared thoughts on what plans we have for the coming year, whether that be the continuation of work already started, branching out in a new direction or resolutions to be more productive! Here is a small selection of images shown…

From the series Camera as Paintbrush by Sue Czapska

Simon Butcher

Peter Luck

Ingrid Newton

Edith Templeton

Danilo Leonardi

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme will be Black and White/Monochrome. Some things to think about if you don’t normally work in black and white – shooting in black and white rather than just converting from colour afterwards, awareness of light/shadow, what makes a good b/w image, why shoot in b/w?
Advance notice for March: Current Projects/LIP Central 2016 exhibition

Greenwich LIP Group January meetup

A fine turn-out & excellent work.

Sarah Hickson
Sarah Hickson has presented work at the Greenwich Gallery for some years now. Landscape has featured frequently and the depth of these pieces has been pronounced but I believe that her recording of ‘performance’ is what stays in the memory: the ‘performance’ of the photographer matches the ‘performance’ of the site preparation prior to the ‘performance’ of the performers. Sarah is a recorder of multiple performances; the images aren’t random. They’re informed by her personal photographic biography. It looks seamless; that’s its quality.

Jennifer Roberts
Michael Rodgers & I presented a workshop at Goldsmiths last Summer entitled Re-Imaging: a sensory approach to photography. What it encouraged was a way, not only of exploring a space, but of exploring fresh modes of recording a photographic experience. Jennifer Roberts was part of the workshop and I’d like to think that it influenced her current processes of ‘making’. I’ve banged on about alternative modes of printing, archiving, re-purposing, deconstructing-destroying images as a way of allowing multiple interpretations of spaces to emerge. Look out for Jennifer’s work & reflect upon it.

Lisa Chillingworth
Lisa Chillingworth 2
Lisa took a trip. This was to the main border crossing between France & Spain. It was her first visit to this spot. She started with the sex industry. It’s flourishing there. It’s also at the point at which Walter Benjamin [a sex industry himself] attempted to cross into Spain to avoid the Nazi roundups. His aim was Portugal & thence to the USA. He never made it & took the suicide route instead. Replicating his climb & return is a thought worth pursuing. The multiplicity of images that Lisa returned with prompted thoughts of editing issues & this is something we’ll explore in further Green LIP meetings. There are multiple ways of editing the work derived from the dérive.

Tony Othen

B10 - neg 39 for LIP
Tony had an article published in Photography & Culture entitled Archive Photographs and History—Do they Support History or do They Create It? Many of you will be familiar with Tony’s archive of his early work as a professional photographer & Tony had given great thought over the last few years about how this archive might be re-purposed. Some of his dilemmas were expounded upon at the Goldsmiths Urban Photo Fest seminar in 2014. Gradually, possibilities turned into purposes & the archive has found a living practice. His reflections are worth the read [Archive Photographs and History]

John Levett

Putney Group – January update

It was great seeing everyone after the festive break. We started off with a quick run through of memorable images from 2015, as recorded by the BBC website.

We then took a look at this month’s theme, ‘Red’, and it was fun discovering what our eyes had chanced upon over the past six weeks or so. A selection of these are shown below.

We also touched on our exhibition set for May – more on this to come.

Our theme for next month is ‘Low Light’ – please put together your best five shots for our meeting next month, which will be on Tuesday 16th February.

Email me for further details – Andrew.

Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser

Juliette Wiles
Juliette Wiles

Bill Christie
Bill Christie

John Kelly
John Kelly

Justin Welch
Justin Welch

LIP Greenwich December 2015 Meeting

It has become a tradition: if it’s December, it’s books. Many books. Here’s a list of what we looked at, spoke about, thought about (no-one said they had to be about photography):


Mick Williamson: some memorials

Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things Are

Edward Weston: Daybooks

Edward Lucie-Smith: Movements in Art Since 1945

Annie Leibovitz at Work

Alan Trachtenberg (ed): Classic Essays in Photography

Mary Warner Marien: Photography: a Cultural History

David Hurn: 1960s

Gross & Shapiro: The Tao of Photography

Mark Haworth-Booth: Camille Silvy: River Scene, France

Ian Walker: City Gorged with Dreams: Surrealism and documentary photography in inter-war Paris

Mark Power: The Shipping Forecast

Gregory Eisler: Portraits.


They came in all shapes and sizes though none would stun an ox. Next year.

Read on!


The next Greenwich meeting will be on 20th January 6.00pm at the Greenwich Gallery, Peyton Place, Royal Hill, Greenwich SE10.

Central London Group December Meeting

Our book meetings are always very popular and this month was no exception. A wide variety of books was passed around and closely examined – ranging from an anthology of women photographers and another of Indian photographers; Tommaso Tanini’s beautifully produced book of photographs and text about East Germany – He Said He Loved Us; Paul Graham’s The Whiteness of the Whale bringing together three of his American series in one volume; Pentti Sammallahti’s collection of striking black and white photographs Here Far Away; Riuji Miyamoto’s book about the destruction and reconstruction of cities; and many more. The evening was a great opportunity to gain some inspiration from books which might normally pass under the radar. Here is a selection of photos from the night…






Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme will be Review of Last Year/Plans for This Year – a good opportunity to look back over past successes and share plans for the future.
Advance notice for February: Black and White/Monochrome