Satellite Group Updates

LIP Greenwich May 2018 Meeting

Angelika Berndt

Dmitri Stepanenko

Anne-Marie Glasheen

One of the joys of meeting in the Greenwich Gallery is that we may be surrounded by an interesting exhibition. This was one of those times and the photographer Ross Andrews was on hand to give an impromptu talk on his work.

With a scientific background and being largely self-taught in photography, his practice is concerned to show the sea coast from within the sea, observing the changing colour of the water particularly on his native Kent coast where underlying chalk, sand or algae produce different colours in very close locations. At great risk, many of the photos are taken from within the breaking wave, the timing needed being so precise that perhaps a couple of dozen separate visits will be needed to get the image he wants.

Back to the group members: Angelika Berndt had photographed in Nanjing in 2015, then in Chongqing and had exhibited in China earlier this year . Her China Today project, contrasting traditional areas of the cities with the modern and also showing the continuation of rural practices in the city (eg: urban farming), is in a sense done, but are there means of keeping the material alive and relevant, short of making further visits which require backing? We didn’t really answer the question but it is one deserving of further thought.

Dmitri Stepanenko showed a selection of images, mostly from his recent book ‘Heavy Colour’. Having lived in southern Europe for some years and then here in the grey north, he had set himself the task of finding strong colour in the city. Working in a vein close to street photography, he had found it. He had also produced a set of straightforward compositions revealing something of city life.

Anne-Marie Glasheen made a welcome return with an untypically random set of urban scenes: people in the city quite fondly but quizzically observed, a sequence of images focussed on found words, evidences of the municipal. An enjoyable end to the presentations before a brief closing discussion of one or two topics. (Peter Luck}

Central London Group May Meeting

The theme announced for this session was Amnesia, suggested with two things in mind: communal or political amnesia and the possibility that sometimes taking the photo wipes out all other detail of an experience. In the event most of us chose instead to concentrate on personal memory loss.

For some the fading memory of forbears was very directly symbolised by fading, blurring or blanking of faces or bodies from old photos. For others the approach was more metaphorical: images of foliage combined and slightly bleached; a sequence of images of a bed of forget-me-nots receding into darkness. The confrontation with death was hinted at in gently beautiful images from the sick room, not revealing their source except for an elegant loop of tubing in just one of them. The experience of dementia was imagined and visualised in gently unrecognisable abstract shapes, white on white.

And one meditation, necessarily un-illustrated, on the loss of communal memory and the photo as interference in memory.

All this occupied the first half of the evening. The second half was given to a group de-briefing on our recent exhibition, both the organisation and details of the installation. We probably emerged more conscious of the interaction of images and mounting / framing / dimensional options and also resolved to organise early. The venue for next year’s show is now booked and members are signing up to take part. Peter Luck

Edith Templeton

Simon Butcher

Krystina Stimakovits

Anna Lerner

Janet Nabley

Jim Patterson

Alec Wylie

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th June at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme will be Still Life. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.

Putney Satellite Group – May Meeting

The theme this month was to illustrate a ‘Campaign’ close to your heart, so for me for instance, it was The Queen’s new Tree Canopy idea and I illustrated this with some local pictures of trees that I am fond of or have a direct reference to the Queen. As usual people went far and wide for their inspiration, with the stand outs possibly being Ann’s Free Catalonia supporter and Paul’s fabulous bit of graffiti (do take a moment to have a good look at it, as extremely clever).
 Our theme next month will be ‘Small’. (Andrew Wilson)

Andrew Wilson

Ann Ulrick

Paul Rawkins

Central London April Meeting

Last month’s theme of Decay brought forward a veritable plethora of ruined shacks, peeling paint, rusting industrial relics and withered flowers of all hues! Decay as a process was a recurring theme – whether as various stages in the life of cut flowers, rotten fruit depicted in the rich hues of an old master painting, rusting equipment in a North Wales working quarry, the eerie ruins of Chernobyl where nature is reasserting itself, spiders’ webs taking over an Argentinia cemetery or the divided face – one half young, the other older. Beauty in decay was the overwhelming effect. Here are a few examples:

Peter Luck

Simon Butcher

Edith Templeton

Chris Burrows

Janet Nabney

Frankie McAllister

Barry Cole

Kathryn Alkins

Hugh Look

Ingrid Newton

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th May at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Amnesia.

As well as our main theme, the second half of our meeting will cover hints and tips for exhibiting based on the experience of the members who took part in our recent exhibition. We’ll also look at what worked and what didn’t at the exhibition itself, and we’d welcome views from people who visited as well as people who took part.

That means the showing part will need to be brisker than usual, so if anyone does want to show something be aware that there may be less time than usual for each person so please aim for five images rather than the usual ten, and it will be first come, first served. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.

Putney Satellite Group – April Meeting

Heather Wansborough

Julian Newton

Leonard Caudrey

© Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux 2014

I started the meeting by bringing members up to date on the coordinators meeting that was held on the 16th of this month, chaired by Peter Luck. Let us hope that some good will come from it, it was certainly a positive thing to get us all together.
 I then presented some things that I had spotted on the internet in the past month. We then moved onto our theme of the month, silhouettes, which was again a good show – particular stand outs as far as the room was concerned would be Julian and Heather, nice ideas guys and a special mention should go to Stefan for a novel way of presenting his work – he posted 20 shots up on his Facebook page and got his friends to pick the best 5, clever and they chose well. Leonard’s was a cracker too!
 Our meeting next month will be on Tuesday 15th May, where our theme will be Campaigns or Campaigning – I would like everyone to present 5 images that best describe or back-up a cause they support or truly believe in. I hope this will be good. (Andrew Wilson).