Satellite Group Updates

Central London Group December Meeting

The last meeting of the year is traditionally a festive occasion and so we were particularly pleased to welcome yet more new members – our group goes from strength to strength! It is also a chance to look back over the year’s achievements and this time members brought in a single image to discuss in more depth than time usually permits. Here is a selection from those shown on the night:

Peter Nahum

Edith Templeton

Jan Cylwik

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux

Jim Paterson

Dorota Boisot

Industrial Disease by Chris Burrows

Anna Lerner

Simon Butcher

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th January at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Horizon – this could be either a literal or a metaphorical horizon – be as creative as you like. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.
Advance notice for February: Chiaroscuro

Greenwich LIP Group December meetup :: the book edition

We sustain our traditions: if it’s December, it’s books. Or book-like things. And not necessarily on photography, so long as it has some bearing on how we think about photography. Here’s the reading list:

The Letters of van Gogh
Attitudes not unlike ours about photography?
Edwin Heathcote (photos by Sue Barr): London Caffs
Fond document of disappearing caffs. (At least three of us have this book.)
Self-made album of photos and texts by Rashida Mangera: Photography Matters
Summarising her approach to theme of last year’s LIP Central exhibition
Chuck Close: A couple of ways of doing something
Unsparing b&w portraits of distinguished people.
Philippe Schlienger: Rooster
Colour portraits of birds.
Kozloff: Saul Leiter
Pocket summary of his career – including early b&w as well as the better-known colour work. (At least two of us have this book.)
Blue Note Record Covers
Integration of text and photo like never before or since. Relation to black experience in 1950s, ‘60s USA.
Koto Bolofo: La Maison
Attentive studies of fashion house shirtmakers at work.
Ferruccio Leiss: Venise vu par Ferruccio Leiss
Venice. Nights. Fogs. Empty. 1953.
Lartigue: Hidden Depths (including stereoscopic pairs and viewer)
Many of his photos we know as 2D were originally 3D pairs. Lots here.
Catalogue: The Radical Eye
If you haven’t seen the exhibition………some think the catalogue is better.

Varied as ever but we still can’t stun an ox. Next year.

Read on!

Report by Peter Luck

The next Greenwich meeting will be on 18th January 6.00pm at the Greenwich Gallery, Peyton Place, Royal Hill, Greenwich SE10.

Crossing Lines Group December meetup

One of the great things about collaborations is that you get to meet a load of people for whom you’d never normally cross the street to say ‘Hello’.

This month The Crossing Lines Group acted as hosts for a collection of Brighton photographers who had taken it upon themselves to create an On-the-sands photographic exhibition.

Most of us might remember Brighton beach as nothing but stones. Not so.

We also might remember it for a smug bi-annual photographic event.

The bunch who turned up for the Crossing Lines evening were seriously absent of smugness. They also attracted a bundle of street-crossers who engaged with ‘Hello’ & some on-the-rocky-sands exhibitionism.

Gill Golding (new LIP chairperson) and Allan Grainger (itinerant psycho-geographer) had set up Urban Photographers Brighton (a subversive photography guerrilla unit) but they weren’t the driving force for this On-the-beach event. This was the work of our Brighton guests: Colin Miller, Colleen Slater, Audrey Marshall, Steve Boyle, David Wilsdon  and Leon Bellis and their theme was ‘A year in the life of Brighton seafront’.

Our discussions during the evening centered upon a matter that the Brighton gang share with members of The Elephant’s Journey: placing work in the space that had acted as the original source of, & inspiration for, the work. We also considered the logistics of this type of exhibition & its location beside the promenade. We acknowledged the respect that was paid to the open exhibition during its ‘residence’ & the spontaneous ad hoc events that it conjured up.

Crossing Lines continues to encourage this cross-fertilisation of ideas. Open all hours.

John Levett

Barnes Group November Update

The Barnes satellite group met on 29th November to share photos on the theme of portrait/landscape. As usual, the standard of photography was excellent and the group is taking strides towards exhibiting for the first-time in the local area. Our favourites included:

Enough by Paul Rawkins, a unique portrait by perhaps the group’s most consistent contributor

Tranquility by Jacqueline Pitfield, depicting Egyptian geese in the natural environment

Grandson by Alastair Wilson-Clarke, a portrait of childhood wonder

Above the Bay by Martin Conway, a scenic portrait presented in absentia

Boat Crew by Matthew Taylor, showing a boating team facing an uphill struggle

Integrity by Darius Nikbin, a portrait of his father

Barkode by Philip Timms, taken in the forests of Yosemite

and finally, our overall favourite of the evening, Pathway by Andrew Rapley, another example of his superlative landscape photography.

The Barnes group is next meeting on Tuesday 13th December, if you are interested in joining, please email Darius on

Central London Group November Meeting

Last month’s meeting topic Night Photography elicited some fine and varied responses from our members showing the world after dark in many guises. Black and white featured strongly including atmospheric urban shots of people walking the wet pavements after dark, views through veiled hotel windows striking a slightly sinister note, the sinuous curves of a river making its way to the sea through the twilight and the darkened streets of St Ives after all the tourists have gone home, showing a different side of the seaside town. There were plenty of fine colour images too – the vivid colours of the Northern Lights, the secret life of snails after dark, the subtle tones of misty horizons at dusk, views into interiors through windows, experiments with painting with light and most astonishing of all, a city constructed of rubbish lit up inside a glass box. Here is a selection of the evening’s images:

Wet Night in Trafalgar Square by Steve Jones

Sue Czapska

Ingrid Newton

Ray Rapkerg

Anna Lerner

Dorota Boisot

Simon Butcher

Danilo Leonardi

Darkness by Jim Paterson

Edith Templeton

Come and join us for a festive evening at our next meeting on Wednesday 14th December 2016 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. The theme will be Single Image – bring along one image to be discussed in depth, either your own or a favourite photograph by another photographer. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.
Advance notice for January: Horizon