Satellite Group Updates

Central Group September Meeting

This meeting was an exploration of the creative potential of video with recorded sound, and also stills combined with music or in sequences.
Stills set to music included an exciting treatment in black and white of reflections on a pond. Among stills sequences was one inside the old Stasi prison in Berlin.

Video works were presented of a political demonstration in Egypt, London shoppers, and an acted street scene, all with recorded sound.
We also saw and discussed a work by video artist Guido van der Werve.

sue czapska
Sue Czapska

simon butcher
Simon Butcher

Rashida Mangera

janet nabney
Janet Nabney

Hady Bayoumi Sepember 2015
Hady Bayoumi

Edith Templeton

christopher burrows Hotel Stasi a
Hotel Stasi by Christopher Burrows

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st October 2015 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme for the evening will be One Photo – this is a chance to show one photo only to be discussed in depth. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print form.

Advance notice for November meeting: Inspired by Others – a response to a photo or painting by someone else.

Greenwich LIP Group September meetup

Despite foul weather rather more than a dozen of us gathered to consider visual geometry. We don’t often run themed evenings and this time we tried keeping each of us to just one image. It worked: geometric structure of images, found geometries, map-like shapes found, the x and y axes, the spirit of Lewis Baltz – all present. Discussions tended towards the photographer’s ability to bring cultural experience to bear on their looking and the interaction of the senses in the experience of place. We didn’t notice when we ran over time.

Peter Luck

01 AMGlasheen

Anne Marie Glasheen

02 Teresa Levitt

Teresa Levitt

03 Tony Othen

Tony Othen

04 Shanne

Shanne Ong

05 James Cashmore

James Cashmore

06 Katrin Nodop

Katrin Nodop

07 John Tait

John Tait


Barry White

09 Roger Mead

Roger Mead

10 Angelika Berndt

Angelika Berndt

11 Helen Othen

Helen Othen


Norman Smith

13 Chris Burke

Chris Burke

14 Rashida Mangera

Rashida Mangera


Quentin Ball

16 Philip Craig

Philip Craig


Angela Schooley

18 Peter Luck

Peter Luck

00 John Levett

John Levett

Crossing Lines Group September meetup

The September edition of Crossing Lines was an interim meetup for participants in the Sensory Photography Workshop which LIP members Michael Rodgers & John Levett have created for the 2015 Urban Photo Fest at Goldsmiths College. An initial all-day event in August kicked off the workshop with the final presentation session being in October.

The purpose of the Crossing Lines Group was to hammer out matters of interpretation regarding Sensory Photography & its possible modes of practice.

Michael Rodgers initial introduction to the workshop (below) will give a hint of the scope of this approach to ‘photographic’ practice which can involve no photography at all.

“I feel like a large theme is exploring photography beyond the immediate impact it has a visual medium. We are not looking to ask what a photograph of urban space might look like. The photograph will answer that for itself. With your mention of urban space as a ‘constructed repository of memory’ and my desire to emphasize experience over appearance, I feel the themes together are asking ‘How can the individual use photography to explore their own relationship with urban space?’. I think we’re talking conception of perception, without getting too Conceptual!”

“Sensory photography – treating photography as a non-visual medium, or de-emphasizing the visual aspect of photography. Getting away from the city- as-spectacle and focusing first on one’s own experience of a place, its meaning, and then using the camera to connect to that experience (not necessarily to capture it.)”

What we intended to do:
To explore ways in which photographers can use their own memory as a platform for engaging with the city.
To apply photography as an experiential medium in the urban environment.
To reflect upon the relationship between photographer and the city – before, during, and after the process of taking pictures.

Michael continues: “I found myself writing question like “What preparations can the photographer make before taking the photograph? Before picking up the camera? Before leaving the house?” “What is left to unpick after the photographs are taken?”

“I think there’s a structure we could employ based on this before/during/after sequence. I know my own way of moving through the city and taking pictures changed the more I went through the process of asking myself what I want from the city, what I am looking for, etc. before heading out. In some ways, the consideration-before and reflection-after was more important than the snapping-during. The middle bit is just the execution! The preparation feeds into the execution, and the reflections feeds into the re-execution.”

We put a limit of sixteen on the workshop & all but four were able to attend this interim meeting.

October’s Crossing Lines meeting will welcome Rob Horsley who will be showing his film of the Aylesbury Estate followed by recent work on the estate by Barry Cole. All Crossing Lines meeting are open to all LIP members. [Contact John Levett to be placed on the notification list:]

John Levett [Convenor Crossing Lines Group]

Central London Group August Meeting

The theme for our August meeting was current projects and work in progress. Some members took the opportunity to show work planned for our upcoming exhibition at the end of the year, getting some valuable feedback at the same time. Other work in progress involved documenting social housing in Kings Cross, textures and shapes in Brutalist architecture, photos taken at the Latitude Festival, experimenting with colour juxtapositions, and a planned book of photos from an Instagram feed. Here are just a few examples of the work on view…..

Maiden Lane Estate by Vivienne Lewis

Songhoy Blues by Jim Paterson

From the series Drive By by Ingrid Newton

From the series Chasing Memories by Hady Bayoumi

From the series Concrete Poetry by Edith Templeton

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT.
The theme of the meeting is Video or a sequence of images. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick.
Advance notice for October meeting: One Photo – members each show one photo only to be discussed in depth.

Greenwich LIP Group August meetup

Five presentations this time.

Carol Kenna showed images from the last twenty years, mostly with people, some in which colour naturally becomes near monochrome, but Berlin focused the discussion on the interpretation of historical spaces that do not show their history without caption or commentary.


Carol Kenna

Quentin Ball showed prints from his very recent adventure into digital capture, delighting in the possibilities of manipulation – especially into non-naturalistic colour and extreme saturation.


Quentin Ball

James Cashmore was also exploring – the landscape of south-western Ireland – particularly (perhaps inevitably) capturing weather conditions in a dramatic topography.

James Cashmore

Jennifer Roberts showed recent images revisiting her sites for the London Villages Project alongside the original LVP shots. Discussion focused on how we re-orientate the way we look when our previous habits seem to be letting us down. Happily, the images gave no such impression.


Lastly Sarah Hickson brought back from Kerala images of the rarely seen Theyyam ritual, in which tranced young men, elaborately costumed, take on the personalities of deities, capturing the movement, fire and danger of the night-time performance.

Peter Luck