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Central London Group August Meeting – Margate Trip

Last month the Central London Group organised a trip to Margate in place of the usual monthly meeting. The town has its own special atmosphere and no trip to Margate would be complete without a visit to the famous amusement park Dreamland – a treasure trove of photographic opportunites. This was followed by a spot of lunch at the Turner Contemporary and a visit to their current exhibition, Britain by the Sea whilst others raced off to the beach and the old town to take pictures. See below for a selection of the day’s photographs…..

Chris Burrows

Steve Jones

Sally Lyall Grant

Dorota Boisot

Jan Cylwik

Edith Templeton

Alec Wylie

Frankie McAllister

Peter Luck

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. Please note that this month the meeting will take place in the lecture hall on the ground floor as our usual room is being renovated.
The theme will be The Sensing Eye. Please bring along any work you wish to share on a memory stick or in print or book form.

LIP Photo and Text Satellite Group July 2019 Meeting

Third meeting of the group was held on Thursday 25 July 2019 at the Art Workers’ Guild, WC1

Sabes opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions among the 9 people present and then restated the purpose of the group

“the purpose of the group is to look at, share, and discuss texts that accompany and enhance photographs – and vice versa.
‘Accompany’ can be taken to mean many things: words that appear within the frame, along with photographs with equal weight as the photograph, captions and well considered artist statements.”

We shared five presentations:

Hady Bayoumi, Autumn Leaves. Hady presented his multimedia slideshow – familiar to members of the Central satellite group – meditating on ageing and mutability. It features his own reading of Mikha’il Na’ima’s poem of the same title in the original Arabic with images of autumn trees and leaves in states of deterioration.

Quentin, Across Roads. Quentin showed images from his long term project documenting the US roads which cross the Continental Divide and asked the group for suggestions of how best to annotate the images. Among the proposed strategies, reference was made to Zoe Childerley’s work []

Paul Cabuts, Elvis Died In My Bedroom. Mo Greig shared Paul’s short film, now unavailable, on the subject of television and terraced houses in Wales. Very funny.

Tina, Go Ahead and Shoot Him, The Devil. Tina presented large prints of images from the family farm in Slovenia which is falling into disrepair. Titles for the images come from her father’s diary written in the same buildings through WW2 and the post-war genocide in Slovenia.

Brendan Delaney. Brendan displayed his prototype book dummy from his long-term project of observational tri-x analogue prints and haiku from New York City.

The next meeting will be on Monday 23 September at 7pm. Meetings will be held on the 4th week of the month alternating between a Thursday and another day in order to enable people with fixed commitments to attend. We are looking for suggestions for speakers and for visual and poetry speakers to interact with. Mal Woolford

Central London Group July 2019 Meeting

This month’s subject was “the mundane” which showed how close looking can reveal the extraordinary in even the most ordinary subjects.

There was an emphasis on the domestic with close ups of objects which form part of the early morning routine – a tooth brush, a soap dish – and paint peeling on a garage door, a roll of wrapping paper shot with very shallow depth of field. We also saw shadows in a garden on a hot summer’s day as well as the normally hidden parts of a show garden – the compost heap and the lawn mower store. Staying outdoors we had pictures of people in parks and scenes of people living their lives in cafes and on the streets of Athens.

The overlooked beauty in nature and in natural materials also featured. We saw images of a nature reserve through the seasons which proved that although greenery is ubiquitous in this country, the variety hidden fungi and insects means that it is never mundane. Similarly, dry stone walls and slate roofs are common but are intricately made and full of texture and colour.

There will be no meeting in August – we shall have a trip to Margate – and the next meeting is on 11th September at the Art Workers’ Guild, Queens Square as usual.
Edith Templeton

Edith Templeton

Simon Zebu

Frankie McAllister

Sue Czapska

Steve Jones

LIP Film and Darkroom Group July 2019 Meeting


New member Suzanne Sullivan started things off this month. Her preferred format is 6×6 on Delta 100 or Pan F and she achieves the fairly high contrast urban images she favours by photographing on bright sunny days. To my eye, this lent an almost theatrically lit look to some of her subject matter.

A further discussion on different ways to approach split grading then followed. Ted Kinsey also had more information on the proposed group darkroom sessions, and on the content of the seminar to be held during the LIP Annual Exhibition.

After showing us some inkjet prints of film negatives from a trip to India, Don Holtum then entertained us with an extraordinary description of the steps required to produce a photo-etching, the most arcane of which included the sprinkling of magic dust (I think that’s what my notes say, it may have been talc). Nonetheless, several of us were fascinated enough to want to investigate this process. Don then showed us images produced using Delta 3200 for its very distinct grain, printed on Ilford Matte FB paper.

Ted then showed us the result of taking one of his negatives to a commercial master printer, and the group compared Ted’s original print with the new version and discussed two ways of approaching printing.

Jo Stapleton had also brought along a variety of prints produced using alternative methods including layering negative materials, and lith printing.

Chiara Contrino told us of an alternative space available for exhibiting work and Sam Tanner showed us recent photographs made during the Extinction Rebellion protests and Pro-Brexit demos, and talked about the approach needed when working in such volatile environments.

Finally. Ian Turnbull mentioned a selection of photography podcasts he follows.

The next meeting will be replaced by our South Bank photowalk and takes place on Wednesday 7th August at the slightly earlier time of 6pm. Anyone interested in coming along is asked to contact Ted Kinsey at Roberto Arendse

LIP Putney July 2019 Meeting

John Kelly

Tim Poole

Sue White

Sue Lorimer

Good to see everyone at our second meeting at The Coach & Horses, which I think is going to turn out to be a fine venue. Sorry about the sound, I will check on that, as there surely should be some.
 I started the meeting by reminding everyone that there’s still a couple of weeks left to enter the LIP annual exhibition, cut off Aug 2.
 I again thanked John and Monireh for having organised such a great walk around Peckham a couple of weeks ago and I reminded everyone that some years ago John created a  LIP Putney Flickr group and if you go there you can view some of pictures from the day… – now that you have found the site, how about loading up some pictures of your own – can be anything.
We viewed a couple of things I have found on the internet before moving onto our theme of the month, links, and such a lot of pictures to admire. I loved Tim’s series of crane shots and John’s composite was great but for me I think it’s a draw of the two Sue’s, who submitted very similar pictures and really nicely they are done too.
 We don’t have an official meeting in August and our next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th September at the Coach & Horses. However, Martin wanted to let everyone know that on 20th August (our meeting date had their been one) he will be at The Coach & Horses and anyone is invited to join him for a drink. My apologies in advance but I’ll be away.
 The theme for September from several put forward will be ‘conflict’.
 Enjoy the summer – cheers Andrew Wilson