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Chair (Acting, from September 2016)

Gill Golding :

Treasurer / Membership Secretary

Len Salem :

Programme Organiser

Lizzie Brown :

Exhibitions Organiser

Alec Leggat :

Magazine Editor

Frank Orthbandt :

Web Editor

Tiffany Jones :

Publicity Officer

Kathryn Geels :

Satellite Group Liaison

Sabes Sugunasabesan

Committee Members

Virginia Khuri, Co-founder / Lifetime Member
Tim Crowe, Magazine Distribution Manager
Eva Turrell, Member

Satellite Groups
LIP satellite groups are a good way to keep in touch with other members in your area. Currently active groups are listed below along with contact information.

Barnes Group
Darius Nikbin

Central London Group
Hugh Look

Crossing Lines Group
John Levett

Crouch End Group
Eva Turrell

Dulwich/Sydenham Group
Yoke Matze 020 8314 4715

Ealing Group
Robin Segulem

Greenwich Group
John Levett 01223 521 058

Putney Group
Andrew Wilson

Ruislip Metroland Group
Robert Davies 01895 675676

Shoreditch Group
Roland Ramanan

West Wickham Group
Sam Tanner 020 8777 8117