A former Highlights Editor of LIP, I am a film and media graduate from Birkbeck College and an arts journalist based in London. My portfolio can be found at lynseyford.com

Eva is a lens based artist. Her work is informed by the built environment. With her work she aims to alter our view of the ordinary by emphasising its creative essence, adding a new visual experience by shifting our awareness, so that we notice what often goes unnoticed. The photographicContinue Reading

I was a documentary photographer for 25 years. I am now retired as a professional photographer, but photograph for myself. The photographs shown here are from my current project on shop windows.

Richard is Professor of Journalism at Cardiff University and a former Director of BBC News. His photography is simply a hobby and creative outlet. A professional lifetime in journalism means his photographic interests are observational and documentary with a minimum of post-processing. Equally, however, he doesn’t believe in firm rulesContinue Reading

I am interested in finding images in everyday life, rather than creating photographs in the studio or elsewhere. I enjoy the challenge of capturing an interesting moment from the infinite potential all around us. My default genre is “street photography”, and my Street Stories series continues to evolve. I haveContinue Reading

I have been a keen amateur photographer for over 50 years. I am an ARPS, have an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths and am active in the Central, Shoreditch and Film and Darkroom satellite groups. My photographic diet is omnivorous with particular current interests in travel, theContinue Reading

I live in Athens-Greece. I studied philosophy at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and was active member of Trade Union movement, later I worked as a communication consultant in advertising agencies and in television. I studied photography at PhotoCircle (Athens) and at International Centre of Photography (New York). I setContinue Reading

I’m a Technology Architect and an amateur photographer living in South London with my family. I was born in India, lived in Eastern Africa and now settled in the United Kingdom. Photography is one of the ways by which I find a sense of completeness in my life. Landscape andContinue Reading

I live and work in North East London. I have been a practising fine artist for over twenty five years with a long exhibiting history. In 2014 my first book A Toby in the Lane, A History of London’s East End Markets and was published by the History press. AlthoughContinue Reading

Sukhy is a portrait and documentary photographer based in London. He makes long form photostories about marginalised people, often inspired by social and political issues. His work spans several genres and is informed by a respect and understanding of the craft of image-making. He is colourblind, self-taught and leads streetContinue Reading

I have two areas of focus for my photography currently: improving as a portrait photographer and archiving 100 years’ worth of my own and my family’s negatives and prints. shaunwaller.com

I am a freelance photographer, photographing people and place. I like to have at least one active personal project going at any time. Currently I am working on a large-scale project called 4 x 4 x 4. It is an exploratory documentary-style project which sees me travel in four distances,Continue Reading

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His work is inspired by time, space and the Cosmos, and within this vastness, human experience and perception. There are influences from abstract impressionist and conceptual art and surrealism. After a long career in engineering and management he studied photography arts at theContinue Reading

I am an independent, self taught, Spanish, Cuban-American artist, based in London. I move away from the contemporary need for conceptual meaning in art. This allows me to capture the abstract illusion of everyday life by emphasising the hidden vibrancy that surrounds us. I found a passion for the fusionContinue Reading

I’m a 22-year old with an old Minolta. I chose film photography because I like the way in which this outlived technology makes me think twice before capturing a scene, and makes it all the more precious to me once I do. I like the way film is teaching meContinue Reading

I’m fascinated by photography’s ability to capture a moment. For me it’s not necessarily a ‘decisive moment’ but certainly an instant in which people, places and objects come together in an intriguing juxtaposition. It might also be a fleeting expression or when something ordinary suddenly appears extraordinary. If occasionally IContinue Reading