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Sean Gallagher

    Opportunist. Canon. Infrared. Pinhole. Visible. Digital.

    Steve Jones

      I have been a keen amateur photographer for over 50 years. I am an ARPS, have an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths… Read More »Steve Jones

      Paul Wells

        A self taught photographer of some fifty years I am drawn to various styles and interests including abstract, macro, monochrome and more recently street work.… Read More »Paul Wells

        Helen Rosemier

          I am a London-based artist working with photography. As well as portraiture, my primary interests are temporality, mortality, and the traces we humans leave on… Read More »Helen Rosemier

          Chris Pig

            Chris Pig is an Italian photographer, based in London since the early 1990’s. She has grown up around cameras and has always loved this medium.… Read More »Chris Pig

            Paul Morris

              I live and work in North East London. I have been a practising fine artist for over twenty five years with a long exhibiting history.… Read More »Paul Morris

              Miharu Micha

                Miharu Micha graduated from Charles University in Prague (MA in Art Education, linguistic and literature). She further expanded her academic education and professional training in… Read More »Miharu Micha

                Omar Parada

                  Video games artist specialised in computer graphics, more recently interested in photography. I enjoy taking pictures of places mostly, focusing on light, shadows and composition,… Read More »Omar Parada

                  Sue Oakford

                    Captivated by artists such as Rachel & Anna Ruysch, Maria van Oosterwijck, Ambrosius Bosschaett and William van Aelst my images try to capture allegorical themes,… Read More »Sue Oakford

                    Simon Taylor

                      I am a Visual Artist, Photographer, and curator based in Bath, UK. My art practice explores our relationship with our environment and how it can… Read More »Simon Taylor

                      Ingrid Newton

                        Based in Oxfordshire and London, Ingrid has a particular interest in photographing the urban landscape, incorporating chance elements and exploring the nature of serendipity, coincidence… Read More »Ingrid Newton