Peter is a final year MA Documentary Photography student at the University of South Wales in Newport. His current ‘Decoy’ project explores the theme of theatricality in war. The images evoke the visual deception employed in a secret British Air Ministry project. Fires, electric lights and fake planes were usedContinue Reading

I am a London based amateur photographer who has a passion that spans many genres. Recently I have focused on Abstract and Street Photography, whilst remaining faithful to my first love of Black & White capture. I am a member of the Crouch End LIP. Instagram: marco_ruggeri2019

David Locke is a professional photographer in London specialising in portraits, headshots, events and retouching. David co-owns Headshot London photography studio which hires a number of photographers based across the UK, specifically Brighton, Northampton and Bedfordshire. Having many years of experience in the industry his work is frequently featured acrossContinue Reading

Although I had an interest in photography from an early age, I was only able to afford to pursue it when I started work. In a year of training to teach, I opted for courses in Media Studies (with Len Masterman, one of the inventors of the subject), Film andContinue Reading

Klara is a UK based photographer focussing mostly on youths as well as the older generation seen out on the streets. She completed her BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art, and exhibits internationally. Klara on tumblr and Instagram @klaracservenka My new street photography photobook, ofContinue Reading

I simply enjoy making pictures. I will photograph almost anything. The technical processes are diverting; the interaction between deception and perception inherent in photography is fascinating; and the possibility of communicating more than the visually evident is intriguing. John’s website

I am a photographer living and working in London. My main preoccupation at present is the sea and in particular the edge where sea and land meet.

Mieke is a Canadian and Dutch Fine Art Photographer, living in London. Her work questions relationships between humans and nature by challenging ideas of scale, distance and intimacy. Her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited internationally. You can see more of her work at

Anita has an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures and is currently studying towards a PhD in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths. She’s a member of the Urban Photographer’s Association and of Crossing Lines at Goldsmiths. Her interests are urban communities that have a relevance to her personal life, and sheContinue Reading

I have two areas of focus for my photography currently: improving as a portrait photographer and archiving 100 years’ worth of my own and my family’s negatives and prints.

Travel and portrait photography are Dan’s interests and skill combining the two to tell stories or portray alternate realities. Commercially he enjoys doing family and as well as business portraits particularly when the individuals are in a point of transition Dan’s website

Most of my photography is of people. These images are from past projects. Anne’s website

Jennifer Roberts takes photographs first and foremost for her own personal pleasure. She particularly enjoys exploring colour, form and texture with abstract or graphic images, although she also produces more traditionally representational work. She is unafraid of using digital manipulation to re-create the image as it exists in her imagination.Continue Reading

Nick is Welsh, old, lives in London and is working on a photography degree.

Born in London. B.A. French Studies from Goldsmiths University, Foundation Degree in Spatial Design, Chelsea College of Art. Currently studying photography at City Lit. Member of a darkroom in North London. Interested in digital and analog photography as well as alternative processes such as cyanotype, Van Dyke and salt printing.Continue Reading

I’ve been taking photographs continuously since I was a child. I studied art at Harlow College and graphic design at the RCA. My photographs are random and personal, adding purpose to my love of strolling around London and other cities around the world.