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About Satellite Groups

Small, informal groups meet around once a month. The structure, content, times, dates and frequency of meetings are all determined independently by each group for itself. Meetings may include guest presenters, reviews, exhibition planning, anything of interest to the group, but the core is supportive critique.

Topic Groups

To better accommodate the interests of members, LIP encourages the formation of satellite groups based on specific photographic genres, approaches or areas of concern. To set up a topic-focused group, please contact our satellite group co-ordinator Jo Stapleton to discuss your ideas.

Local Groups

Local groups are broadly generalist in outlook but vary in character and emphasis. LIP members may well attend several groups or cross London to attend the one that best suits them.

When joining LIP there is no need to choose the satellite group nearest home or work; the groups vary widely in character so we advise trying more than one to see which best suits you.
See the Calendar for a schedule of planned meetings and contact details.
Meetings are being held via Zoom at present but you can still share your work, ideas and enjoy themed presentations within a photographic community.

Ealing LIP Satellite Group members learn from a portrait workshop led by Ray Malcolm (centre)