Crossing Lines – Wednesday 5 February

The next meeting of Crossing Lines will be on Wednesday 5 February in the usual room 255 in the main building of Goldsmiths. (Far end of the long corridor and up the stairs.)

We have time for four presentations which could be anything from the first glimmerings of an idea to a near-completed project within the loose territory of the urban situation and the roles of photography.
Please let me know if you want to bring something to this. It would be good, too, if you can bring suggestions for guest speakers or group projects.
Peter Luck

Back a 100 limited edition book of B&W photography from New York!

Street photography is an intense, meditative, observational activity, whose text equivalent is the Japanese poetry form, Haiku. Both street photography and Haiku are a borne of immersion in the moment. A classical Haiku has two lines that note an observation, usually from nature and a third that ‘cuts’ that observation, the character of the ‘cutting’ being the essence of the art form.

My practice of street photography attempts the same, a moment, captured, but a second darker, mysterious, meaning that cuts.

New York City must be one of the most photographed places on the planet. It is part of our cultural heritage. However, it is also one one the most diverse, energetic and down-right eccentric places it is possible to see. It’s changing moods and happenings as varied as it’s weather. I have been ‘passing through’ the city from my home in London for the best part of 20 years and over the past 7 years have been aiming to capture some of the feelings that a deep observation of the New York City street affords, both in images and complementary Haikiu.
Brendan Delaney
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Annual Reports for 2020 AGM

The LIP AGM was held on Saturday 18 January at The Crypt St James’s Church 197 Piccadilly 12.30-5.00pm.
LIP members can read the annual reports from the committee by logging in and accessing the Members Area.

A new look for Events

A different appearance for the LIP Events page.
The change has been made to simplify posting of upcoming events and to easily maintain an archive of past events.
We welcome your feedback. LIP Web Editor

Photo Workshops 2020 with Paul Hill and Maria Falconer

We’ve finally got a date for our Dance Photography Workshop in Edinburgh – hurrah!
And although our 2020 workshops are filling up fast there is still time to sign up!

If you are relatively new to photography you will discover a supportive friendly environment for you to advance your skills and creativity. And if you are a more accomplished photographer you will certainly benefit from an immersive experience designed to challenge and develop your practice.
In 2020 we have a feast of photography! There is something for everyone! Do come and join us!

Full details of all the workshops can be found here:
Go on spoil yourself – You know you’ll enjoy it!
Maria & Paul

Thames Lens Photography Competition

Bill Green Lasy year overall winner

LIP received the following from Thames Festival Trust:-

The River Thames is teeming with photography opportunities, so why not enter @totallythamesUK #ThamesLens photography competition for the chance to win photography courses, afternoon tea, and the chance to be exhibited in an exclusive riverside location. Deadline Friday 31 January