Submission information for the LIP 30th Annual Exhibition

1. General information

2. Terms and condiditions governing participation

3. Help and Advice

The entry submission form is given HERE

1. General information

Venue and dates
Espacio Gallery
159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG
Tuesday 2 October - Saturday 6 October 1pm - 7pm.
Sunday 7 October 1pm - 5pm.

Submissions are open from now until 31 August 2018.
Any LIP member may submit their work.

Selection procedure

The image selection is done anonymously solely by independent selectors invited to participate. Details of this year's selectors are given HERE
Selection will be based on your digitally submitted images. Selected images will need to be printed and mounted/framed, Works will be exhibited in the following two categories:
1.Selected photographers’ work
This will be shown in the main gallery in print form.
2. Work not selected.
Submitted work which has not been selected, will be screened in the projection room of Espacio Gallery.
All work submitted for selection will be displayed in one or other of these categories.

For enquiries and assistance contact Krasimira Butseva, Exhibition Organiser

2. Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below apply to all work submitted.


1. The London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition is open to all members with a valid membership of London Independent Photography (LIP)at the time of submission and exhibition.

2. By submitting images and/or publications to the London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition, each entrant confirms that:
  a) it is their own original work
  b) that they own the copyright to each work
  c) when their work is accepted; they will grant LIP the right to display a copy as part of an online exhibition gallery - on the LIP website - and in the publication to accompany the exhibition. Each photographer will be credited appropriately.

3. Copyright of each image is retained by the respective photographer

4. It is the responsibility of the photographer to arrange insurance for their work if required. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the safekeeping of submitted photographic prints and other materials, London Independent Photography will NOT be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs during the selection process, in storage, or at the gallery. Submitting work implies your acceptance of this condition.

Cost of participation

5. Payment of £15 must accompany each set of images submitted. Once you have successfully uploaded your images as described below you will taken to the online payment page.

6. There will be a charge of £20 for each image selected for hanging in the main gallery. Payment will be required in advance of the exhibition and details of payment options will be sent to those selected.


7.Submission is by uploading your digital files in accordance with the specifications given.

You must upload your completed form and associated image files by midnight 31 August 2018. Follow the link at the end of this document.

a) You may submit a maximum of six image files.

b) Selectors will decide which works will be exhibited in print form.

The selectors will choose a maximum of 3 images per photographer. We encourage submissions from either a body of work, or outstanding single images. There is always the possibility that if you submit a related group of images the selectors may choose one or more images from that group and not necessarily all the images in the group.

The rest of the submissions which are not selected will be screened in the Projection Room in Espacio Gallery, recognising the creativity and talent of all submitting LIP members.

The work submitted must not have been submitted to or exhibited in a previous LIP Annual Exhibition and should have been created since 1st of January 2016.

Image specifications for the electronic submission

8. Your electronic submission will be viewed on a computer screen. Please follow these specifications exactly.

• JPEG – a minimum of 1400 pixels and maximum 2000px on the longest side of the image
• 2 MB maximum size per image
• To keep the submissions anonymous please name your jpg files with your LIP Membership number as shown below. If you don't know your LIP Membership number, check your online Membership Account, or contact the Membership Secretary
• Files must be named with LIP Membership Number, 'dash', sequence number - so six files should be named thus:(eg. if you're member #2011) 

LIP cannot be held responsible for lost electronic submissions if your files are not named to specification.

• If a member is not working with digital files (i.e. with print and film only) and cannot scan such work, or the nature of the work submitted does not permit digital presentation, please  contact the Exhibition Organiser for details about the best way to submit your work.


9. On Sunday 9 September 2018 the selected work for exhibition in the main gallery will be announced and a list of these images will be uploaded on the LIP website. It is your responsibility to check if any of your work submitted has been selected to be displayed in print form in the main gallery.

Printing and Mounting

10.If your image has been selected for exhibition it is your responsibility to produce a print to a sufficiently high standard, including any mounting or framing, commensurate with display in a public gallery and to ensure it is delivered to the stated delivery location within the allowed time slots. Delivery must be in person by you or your representative. Postal deliveries are not allowed.

11.Selected prints must be mounted on either 5mm PVC (Foamex) board or should come with frames of your choice. The maximum permitted print size is 55 cm on the longest side, including any mount/frame.

12.All prints selected should be clearly labelled on the back with your LIP membership number, name, address, phone number, email, a print title or reference number, and topside of the print marked (if necessary).
A form summarising this information will be provided to members to include with their prints.

13. If your print, mount, or frame does not meet LIP’s quality standard as being commensurate with display in a public exhibition, your work will be rejected from being a part of the exhibition.
The Exhibition Organiser’s decision on this will be final.

Further guidance on mounting and/or framing is given in the Help and Advice section below.

Delivery and Collection

14. All wrappings - portfolio cases or similar - should be clearly labelled with your name and contact details. Ensure that your print packaging is sufficient to protect your work from damage. Entries submitted in plastic bags or without any packaging will be rejected.
Photographers with successful submissions will be advised of the dates and location for delivery and collecting their works and must adhere to the stated times.

15.Late entries will not be accepted. Work not collected after the exhibition will be disposed of by LIP as it sees fit.
Your local satellite group may be able to assist if you have difficulty in complying with the given times.


16.Entry fee is £15 per LIP Member. This fee entitles each photographer to submit up to six images.
17. Hanging fee is £20 per work. The fee covers the exhibition hanging and take-down. It does not cover the printing and mounting of the work which is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

3. Help and Advice

The following information should be read carefully by all participants

Choosing work to submit

The entire selection process is designed to be as fair as possible. We do not tell you what kind of work to submit, and indeed the selectors work completely independently of LIP in making their decisions. Do not include your names on the front of any print or mount and do not include any written matter in support of or describing your work or your artistic intention.
The best advice in choosing photographs is for them to be innovative and original so take time to make your choice.
Remember that the final selection is based on the subjective preferences of the selectors, the need for a balanced exhibition, and the space available at the gallery.
Inevitably some good work fails to be selected when all these requirements are considered.


Ensure that you submit your digital upload before midnight, 31 August 2018 using the link at the end of this document.
If any of your work is selected for display in print form, please adhere to the deadline for taking to the collection venue – details will be announced nearer the exhibition time.
Failure to comply will prevent your taking part in the exhibition. No fees paid will be refunded.

Uploading Images - Format and Size Specification

Your electronic submission will be viewed on a computer screen. Please ensure that you upload image files with the specifications given in section 8 above. The form itself is given in a separate section of the LIP website. If you are not familiar with preparing or resizing digital image files, please feel free to email the Exhibition Organiser for advice.

Delivery and preparation of physical prints

If you have one or more images selected for exhibition in the main gallery then please adhere to the following requirements.
• Check that your prints are of good quality commensurate with display in a public gallery.
• Ensure your print is no more than 55 cm on the longest side when mounted, and either mounted on 5mm PVC board (Foamex) or in a frame of your choice.
• Espacio Gallery has a hanging method which has specific requirements for any work hanged which cannot be varied. If mounting your work on 5mm PVC board (Foamex) then you must use adhesive “plate” hangers. If you are using frames then it is mandatory to attach two D-rings onto the back of each frame, placed about 7cm from the top edge of the frame.
Learn more from Espacio Gallery’s installation brochure.
• If your work is selected and you intend to use Foamex mounting then LIP will supply free adhesive plate hangers of the correct type on receipt of a stamped and addressed return envelope. Full details will be given when the selected works are announced.
• If in any doubt please contact the Exhibition Organiser

If you do not follow these rules correctly, it will be impossible to hang and exhibit your work due to the strict rules of Espacio Gallery. We do not take any responsibility if you fail to meet these rules and will not refund any monies paid.
Some members like to produce their own prints and you are welcome to do this. You can however have your work printed on your behalf if you wish.
Please see our Suppliers page for resources, including professional printing services.

Packaging and Labels

• Package your prints professionally and with care. We strongly recommend using sturdy boxes or a portfolio case. Your work will be kept in storage before it is hung so inadequate wrapping is unacceptable. If you have had more than one image selected, please ensure that the mounting rings or plate hangers on the backs cannot damage the face of another print.
• Remember that the packaging must be easy to both unwrap and then to repack.
• Ensure all your prints and packaging are correctly and clearly labelled. The packaging and each print submitted MUST have the following information clearly displayed on the back:
· Name and LIP Membership Number  · Title  · Contact details (address, email, and phone number)
To ensure that the selection process remains completely anonymous please do not write your name on the front of the print or mount.

Digital upload form

Please follow this LINK