30th Annual Exhibition - Category Selections


Dear LIP Members,

This year 110 members submitted their work to the annual open call, resulting in 613 images in total. 75 members are selected to take part in the show with total of 120 photographs. Also, one image per each participating photographer who was not selected for hanging will be projected in the gallery during the whole show. All members selected to exhibit at the 30th annual exhibition will be emailed with detailed instructions regarding delivery, collection, presentation and taking down of their work. Special thanks to everyone who submitted their work, please see the list of members whose work has been selected for hanging at Espacio Gallery:

Adam Adamis
Alastair Wilson-Clarke
Amanda Eatwell
Andrew Wilson
Anita Chandra
Anne Clements
Astrid Schultz
Barry Reid
Chris Moxey
Christina Reid
Clare Park
Colleen Harvey
Daniel Keys
David Reed
David Pearce
David Mooney
Debbie Green
Duncan Unsworth
Edward Kinsey
Elizabeth Brown
Eric Boscia
Eva Turrell
Eva Bachmann
Field Sarah-Jane Field
Frances McAllister
Frank Orthbandt
Geoff Titley
Geraint Roberts
Graham Land
James Guppy
Jan Cylwik
Jane Ross
Jeannette Josse
Joanne Stapleton
John Chappelow
Jonathan Wiltshire
Kathryn Alkins
Kevin Newman
Klara Cservenka
Krystina Stimakovits
Len Salem
Liz Devonshire
Luca Tommasi
Mandy Williams
Maria Sueiro
Mike Cookson
Minako Iwatake
Natalie Robinson
Nicola Morley
Nicola Jayne Maskrey
Nuno Pais
Paola Sinibaldi
Peter Jennings
Peter Massingham
Quentin Ball
Rachel Wallace
Ray Knox
Richard Earney
Robert Royston
Rod Shone
Roland Ramanan
Sabes Sugunasabesan
Sally Lyall-Grant
Sandra Roberts
Sofia Milsom
Sokari Higgwe
Steve Ferrier
Sue Parkes
Suzi Corker
Terence Lane
Tim Butcher
Vahe Saboonchian
Versluis Dineke Versluis
Willie Robb
Xander Folkes

The next step is to print and prepare your selected image(s) for exhibition in accordance with the instructions

Pay hanging fee

Selected prints must be mounted on either 5mm PVC (Foamex) board or should come with frames of your choice. The maximum permitted print size is 55cm on the longest side, including any mount/frame.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with Exhibition Organiser Krasimira Butseva by email at exhibitions@londonphotography.org.uk


Thank you again to our selectors for 2018:

Tom Lovelace is a London based artist, who works with photography, sculpture, performance and explores the semantics of everyday, revealing and reimagining materials, processes and histories. He is a visiting tutor at Royal College of Art and the Arts University of Bournemouth, as well as a regular speaker in different universities and galleries. His work has been nominated for Foam Paul Huf Award, Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize, Prix Pictet Award and the Infinity Award (International Center of Photography, New York) and he has been published in Financial Times, The Guardian, Time Out London, The Daily Telegraph, Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Source Photographic Review and others. His self-published books are a part of Tate Artist's Book Collection and he recently exhibited and curated work at Peckham 24.

Hazel Watts is the director of Spectrum Photographic. Spectrum is a professional imaging lab based in Brighton, founded in 1993 and currently one of the leading photographic printing services in the UK. They have worked with a number of established photographers such as Simon Norfolk and have produced the work for exhibitions such as Peckham 24 and Post-Visions at Calvert 22.

Wendy McMurdo is an acclaimed British artist who works primarily with photography and time-based media. She trained initially as a painter at the Edinburgh College of Art before developing her practice as a photographer at the Pratt Institute in New York and then at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Since then McMurdo has gone on to produce a series of influential works investigating the relationship of children and photography to the computer. She has exhibited and published widely and has been commissioned by The Photographers Gallery, London (Indeterminate Objects  Classrooms) The Science Museum, London (Who am I?), The Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Ffoto Gallery (The Skaters) in Wales amongst others. She was awarded a PhD by publication from the University of Westminster in 2015. She is currently a Module Leader (MA photography) at Falmouth University.


For any enquiries contact Krasimira Butseva, LIP Exhibition Organiser