Help & Advice - 29th Annual Exhibition (2017)

If you are preparing to submit work to the LIP Annual Exhibition, this guidance will help you present your entry correctly and provide all necessary information.

Choosing work to submit

The entire selection process is designed to be as fair as possible so we do not tell you what kind of work to submit, and indeed the selectors work completely independently of LIP in making their decisions.

PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKS - The best advice in choosing photographs is for them to be interesting and eye catching, so be thoughtful in your choice.

If a member is not working with digital files (ie. with print and film only), contact the Exhibition Organiser for details about the best way to submit your work.


Make a note of delivery dates shown on the How To Enter page, and ensure that you submit your Entry Form before midnight, Friday 13th October.

Uploading Images - Format and Size Specification

Your electronic submission will be viewed on a computer screen. Please ensure that you upload image files with the following specification:
- jpg files, maximum 2MB each
- Sized 2000px on longest side

If you are not familiar with preparing or resizing digital image files please feel free to email the Exhibition Organiser for advice.

File Names

To keep the Pre-Selection Round anonymous please name your jpg files with your LIP Membership number as shown below. If you don't know your LIP Membership number, check your online Membership Account, or contact Len Salem at

- Files must be named with LIP Membership Number, 'dash', sequence number - so six files should be named as so:
(eg. if you're member #2011)

NOTE: LIP cannot be held responsible for lost electronic submissions if your files are not named to specification.

Final Assessment & Selection Round - Physical Prints

Print Presentation

Whilst it is ultimately down to the choice of the selectors, by presenting your work well you will have the best chance of success:
- Ensure your print is sized correctly, and mounted on 3mm PVC board
- Check that your prints are of good quality as the prints you submit should be those you intend to exhibit

Some members like to produce their own prints and you are welcome to do this. Please see our Suppliers page for resources, including professional printing services.

All work in the 2017 LIP exhibition will be exhibited mounted as described above and not framed.

Packaging & Labels

Package your Prints professionally and with care. We strongly recommend using sturdy plastic art sleeves and a portfolio case, as per the Terms & Conditions of entry.

Ensure all your Prints and packaging are correctly and clearly labelled. The packaging and each Print submitted MUST have the following information clearly displayed on the back:

  ˇ Name & LIP Membership Number
  ˇ Title
  ˇ Contact details (address, email, and phone number)

To ensure that the selection process remains completely anonymous please do not write your name on the front of the print or mount.


Unit 11, Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

6-11 December 2017

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