Terms & Conditions - 29th Annual Exhibition (2017)


The Terms and Conditions below apply to all work submitted.

1. The London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition is open to all members with a valid membership of London Independent Photography (LIP)

2. By submitting images and/or publications to the London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition, each entrant confirms that:
  a) It is their own original work
  b) That they own the copyright to each work
  c) When their work is accepted; they will grant LIP the right to display a copy as part of an online exhibition gallery - on the LIP website - and in the publication to accompany the exhibition. Each photographer will be credited appropriately.

3. Copyright of each image is retained by the respective photographer

4. It is the responsibility of the photographer to arrange insurance for their work if required. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the safekeeping of submitted photographic prints and other materials, London Independent Photography will NOT be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs during the selection process, in storage, or at the gallery. Submitting work implies your acceptance of this condition.

Submissions: Two rounds

ROUND 1: Electronic Assessment Round

5. a) Submission Deadline You must submit your completed form and associated image files by midnight, Friday, 13th October.

b) You may submit a maximum of six image files.

c) Selectors will allocate work to one of three categories: the Highlighted Photographer, the Special Merit Category, or the General Category.

The selectors will choose up to four images from just one person to display as the work of the Highlighted Photographer. Prints can be up to three feet on their longest side

The selectors will choose a number of submissions to be exhibited in the Special Merit Category, selecting one image from each member for display. Prints can be up to three feet on their longest side

All remaining submissions will form the General Image Category and the selectors will choose one image from each submission to represent that photographer’s work. Prints can be up to 16 inches on their longest side

Thus every person submitting work will be represented in the Exhibition.

6. To encourage new work:
a) Submissions must not have been shown in a previous LIP Annual Exhibition.
b) Your work must have been created since 1 January 2015)

7. IMPORTANT Image file specifications. For the electronic pre-selection round, upload image files with the following specifications:

- jpg, 2000px on longest side, max 2MB each
- Files to be named with LIP Membership Number, "dash", sequence number
- i.e. if you are submitting six images and your member number is 638 the files should be named 638-1.jpg 638-2.jpg 638-3.jpg 638-4.jpg 638-5.jpg 638-6.jpg

NOTE: LIP cannot be held responsible for lost electronic submissions if your files are not named to this specification.


ROUND 2: Final Print Assessment & Selections

8. Prints must be mounted on 3mm PVC board and not framed.

The maximum standard print sizes,

a) The Highlighted Photographer Category - maximum longest side 36 inches
b) The Special Merit Category - maximum longest side 36 inches
c) The General Image Category - maximum longest side 16 inches

9. The selection must remain anonymous so please do not put any names on front of prints or mounts, and please do not submit any introduction or artistic statement.

10. All prints should be clearly labelled on the back with your LIP membership number, name, address, phone number, email, a print title or reference number, and topside of the print marked (if necessary).

11. All wrappings - portfolio cases or similar - should be clearly labelled with your name and contact details. Ensure that your print packaging is sufficient to protect your work from damage (see Help & Advice for further guidelines). Entries submitted in plastic bags or without any packaging will be rejected.

Delivery & Collection

12. No late entries will be accepted. If you (or a friend) are unable to deliver on the stated delivery and collection dates you should try to arrange early delivery. Your local satellite group may also be able to assist.


13. Entry fee is £30 per LIP Member. This fee entitles each photographer to submit up to six images. The fee covers the electronic pre-selection round and subsequent print selection round, exhibition hanging and a free admission to one of the exhibition talks (limited to 10 LIP members). It does not cover the printing and mounting of the work.


14. Saturday 21 October 2017 Electronic pre-selection results announced. A list of electronic images that selectors would like to see as prints submitted into one of the three categories will be posted on the LIP website.

15. Members will receive an email if their prints do not meet with the exhibition criteria regarding print quality.


Unit 11, Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

6-11 December 2017

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